July 1, 2022

Do not belittle something from a superb deed, do each good deed you already know, irrespective of how small, I discovered a field on the highway that may most likely harm folks, if I take it out of the best way …

I’ve discovered an outdated man who wants somebody to ship him, ship him, and chances are you’ll be the explanation to your salvation on a day when neither cash nor kids shall be used besides those that come to God with a wholesome coronary heart.

I’ve discovered an anxious one that desperately wants somebody to alleviate his bother, free him from bother, and chances are you’ll be your deliverer.

I discovered an individual who simply needs a smile from you, a smile.

I discovered somebody who needs to face up for him with somebody, do it and do not hesitate.

Two rivers of the Spirit, don’t think about it insignificant with God, don’t belittle something of the nice, make it a lifestyle to any extent further.

Do each good deed you already know, for you have no idea of any deed that may forgive your previous sins, and be the explanation to your entry into Paradise.

First story (Marouf Zubaydah, spouse of Harun al-Rashid):

Zubaydah, the spouse of Harun al-Rashid, did a really great job.

And when she handed away, she was seen in a dream, could God have mercy on her, and once they requested her: “What did God do to you ?!”

“God has forgiven me,” Zubeida mentioned.

She was advised, “The fountain you made to water the pilgrims?”

She mentioned, “No, by God, it isn’t within the eye, however what’s the eye ?! He forgave me solely two rivers, which I saved within the gap each evening.”

Second story (well-known Islamic preacher):

One of many proponents of Islam noticed a dream after his loss of life, and amongst many he was recognized for being a preacher.

They requested him, “What has God finished to you ?!”

He mentioned, “Up … up … up.”

He was advised, “Have you ever actually been referred to as within the lifetime of this world?”

He mentioned, “No, by God, however with the charity I gave to charity with a couple of riyals, God forgave and pardoned me.”

Third story (Sanaa Al-Maarouf is a pious wrestler of unhealthy luck):

A real story that occurred within the lands of Haram …

The proprietor of the story recounts: “Someday I used to be touring from Taif to Riyadh, I used to be touring by automotive with my household, and whereas we had been on the highway, the automotive broke down and he says I had all my kids and household with me and the climate was very heat.

I ended the automotive at one of many stations and went out to satisfy the issue and discover it, however I found it was an enormous drawback with the automotive engine and it was exhausting for me to resolve it as a result of it was an issue that wanted to be solved both in Taif or Riyadh , and I used to be midway between them.

I used to be standing within the solar in the midst of the highway with the kids within the automotive. I used to be pondering of an answer to get out of this dilemma. What ought to I do with my spouse and youngsters with this destroyed automotive ?!

And if the person got here out of the station in entrance of which I used to be standing, I did not know him from the center, this was the primary time I noticed him …

Man: “Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. What’s the matter with you, brother?”

I advised him, “Peace, mercy and blessings be with you, our automotive broke down.”

He advised me, “I’ve expertise with vehicles, so would you agree to have a look at them and see what’s in them?”

I replied, “It will be my pleasure if it was.”

So he approached her and noticed what was in it, and sadly mentioned, “Sadly, it has a significant malfunction and I will be unable to repair it. It needs to be handed on to a specialist who focuses on motor malfunctions.”

I advised him, “I advised myself that.”

The person advised me, “You are together with your children and household, and it is highly regarded. Take my automotive and take it to your loved ones earlier than dusk.”

I mentioned to him in shock, “How will you inform me that when you do not know me, and now you are seeing me for the primary time?”

He mentioned to me: “Aren’t we brothers in Islam ?! And I am alone once more. I do not fear in any respect. I am going to go to the station, have lunch and drink espresso, and also you drive your loved ones and ship me a automotive that carries me and your corrupt within the morning automotive. “

I arrived in Riyadh close to dinner, drove my household dwelling, after which got down to discover a huge automotive to select up my damaged automotive and the person who broke my torment with out understanding me.

When the automotive acquired to him, it was all evening and so they solely acquired to me round midday. I gave him the automotive and I mentioned ashamed: “God, I do not know the way to reward you or the way to reward you. for what you will have finished with me and offered it to me. ”

And his response to me was stunning, as a result of he advised me: “What did I do to you, brother ?! You took my automotive, however you left your automotive for me, and now you gave it again to me. As for staying on the station, I ate meals , did your homework and fell asleep, so you do not have to. ”

He refused to ask me something, however I managed to get his cellphone quantity and I gave him my cellphone quantity and I forgot the factor between myself and myself till the day we had been within the males’s council and we talked about conditions and good deeds which are occurred to us, I discussed the scenario he did to me and that if my brother was certainly one of my father and my mom they had been reluctant to do what he did to me.

I remembered him then and referred to as to examine on his situation, however his spouse answered the cellphone, and once I requested her about him, she mentioned: “He was imprisoned, did you need that, that you just had cash on him, go and take it from him in jail! ”

I requested her: “Why is it closed ?!”

She advised me: “There have been a number of requires him currently and I abruptly discovered him being taken to jail.”

I requested her, “The place is he by which jail?” She gave me the identify of the jail and I noticed in my coronary heart that now was the time to pay the debt, and early within the morning I took the hundred thousand Saudi riyals I had ready and went to jail.

There I requested them to pay his debt and let him go with out telling him something about my id and that the perpetrator was only a benefactor.

They introduced him and advised him concerning the benefactor who left him 100 thousand riyals, however he advised them that he owed three million riyals and that that quantity wouldn’t do him any good with the cash.

After a short while I referred to as him to reassure him, however his spouse advised me he was nonetheless in jail, I went to jail once more and I used to be indignant, however they advised me what occurred to him, and so they had been amazed at him and me and our actions, and I used to be stunned by his order and the extent of the charity by which he did, didn’t consider his household when he obtained the cash, however considered liberating his neck for the identify of God.

They gave me papers concerning the worth of the cash he owed, and I used to be intently associated to the princes, so I went to all of them and in three months I collected the cash and went to jail and requested to be launched with out telling him something.

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