June 29, 2022

Honest love has been the best inspiration for poets, writers, and writers all through historic and trendy occasions.

Essentially the most lovely poetry and essentially the most honest phrases got here to us lots of of years in the past as a result of their proprietor liked, adored and sincerely liked them.

And love is essentially the most lovely factor we now have been endowed with all through our lives, particularly when it’s a true and honest love that’s immortalized by the traces all through historical past.

Love is for hearts to remain within the covenant, even when the distances are lengthy.

First, the story of Antar and Abla

Within the early days of the pre-Islamic period, a tribe referred to as Bani Abs was born to a younger man named Antarah from a mom who was a slave to that tribe, and shortly this younger man grew as much as show himself within the arts of battle. . and he grew to become essentially the most highly effective knight of that tribe, his protector and savior. This younger man had a cousin named Abla. Antara fell in love together with her from an early age. he’s recognized to have been one of the crucial well-known poetry reciters of that point, and had many well-known commentaries, however to win over his lover the worth was not little, however very, very a lot; So that they requested for a dowry for the camel of the crimson camel, and that camel didn’t meet a king named Numan, and that he ought to go to that king to take this camel from him as if he had condemned you to dying, however from the braveness of Antara and her love in golden Abla and introduced the camel to get what he wished and marry his beloved Abla.

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Second: The Story of Majnoon Laila:

Again within the time of the Umayyads within the Bay, the place sheep have been grazing on farms, a boy named Qais Ibn Al-Malouh fell in love together with his cousin Layla bint Mahdi bin Rabi’a, and he liked her from an early age. and he knew that story. to all of the individuals. When he proposed to him to marry, his uncle rejected the customized and the traditions that prevailed at the moment And it’s that who is aware of that he loves a woman earlier than his dedication will not be authorized to marry , and after a brief interval. for a very long time, Laila married a younger man from a neighboring Almighty tribe, however she quickly gave up all that too and headed for the woods, mountains, and hills, and ate solely grass, and went mad and started to tear the garments till the beasts. he made her neglect him within the desert till he was discovered lifeless on a hill within the hills close to the place of the village the place Laila married, and thus ended essentially the most well-known love story that Historical past has ever recognized her.

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Third / The Story of Ibn Rahima and Zainab:

Ibn Rahima was well-known for his chaste poetry, which was not an amazing supporter of him. Ibn Rahima fell in love with a woman named Zainab bint Ikrima bin Abdul Rahman and sang quite a lot of poetry to her, as he talked about her title explicitly in his poetry. , who angered the Umayyad caliph Hisham bin Abdul Malik and ordered his males to whip him with 5 hundred lashes with a whip. He let it go after promising to permit his blood if he talked about Zainab once more in his poetry, however he’s unhappy. who talked about that this love was solely on his aspect, so he spent his complete life escaping the Umayyad caliph and refused to marry till he grew outdated and started to sing in poems and point out them Zainab as soon as till it grew to become essential within the nation. and nobody acknowledged him that he was killed by the Umayyad caliph or Ham on the mountain after which died.

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Fourth / The Story of Ibn Zaydun and Al-Mustaqfi’s Daughter:

Ibn Zaydun was the minister of al-Mu’tadid Billah bin Abbad within the land of Andalusia in Seville, and lived a really luxurious life. Ibn Zaydun liked and lived a protracted interval between love and affection, however typically distance and distance occurred on the coronary heart of a start, so Ibn Zaydun was unhappy and stunned by the act of to present start, which was not preceded by a purpose, and talked about that in his poetry and literature with none reply of the start of al-Mustaqfi’s daughter. and so they separated, however this love story remains to be one of the crucial well-known love tales in Andalusia.

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