June 29, 2022

Satisfaction with what God has written for the servant is among the most essential issues that each one of us as Muslims ought to observe, as a result of God doesn’t hinder you in something however good. Possibly you did not count on this properly. The true mineral of a Muslim might be glad with what God has written and could also be bored due to it, and at the moment we current to you a really stunning story that explains the truth that God doesn’t write something for man apart from good and that God doesn’t hurt servants , it already protects him from many issues, so we’re happy to current you at the moment, by way of the web site of actual tales, a narrative entitled (Let it’s good), and we hope you take pleasure in studying this story and we hope that you’ll to love.

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The occasions of this story revolve round one king, and this king had many, many assistants, however he was one of many ministers. The king absolutely believed his opinion. This minister was recognized all through the dominion because the wisest minister and assistant, and this minister was recognized for his religion in God’s provision and his future, as a result of he at all times used the phrase (could it’s good) about the whole lot that occurs to him, whether or not it’s glad or unhappy, and someday the king went looking for animals within the woods , as a result of the king liked to hunt, and whereas the king was busy in search of animals, one thing dangerous occurred.

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The king fell into a big gap and there the minister stated to the king: (Possibly it’s good), and when the king got here out of the large gap, he discovered that his hand was so deeply wounded that the physician, when he noticed the king’s hand, suggested him is to chop off the finger in order to not damage the opposite fingers and the king then needed to utterly lower off his hand, at first the king refused this proposal, however from the depth of the ache that started to penetrate his hand, the king determined to chop his finger and here’s what really occurred, after which the minister stated to the king: (Possibly it is good) and due to this sentence the king received very indignant and stated to the minister, what’s using slicing off one in every of my fingers, are you loopy?

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The king didn’t cease at this, however ordered his guards to take the minister to jail and imprison him as punishment for what he stated to the king, and right here the minister stated (Possibly that is good), and the minister spent a very long time in jail, however he didn’t complain or grumble, and someday the king was And his guardians within the woods pursued his favourite looking interest, and a bunch of people attacked the king, and after a fierce battle, all of the Guards had been killed and the king taken away. they took the king they worshiped a bunch of idols (God forbid), and their legal guidelines had been to kidnap folks and current them as sacrificial idols to please them.

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As quickly because the folks discovered that the king’s finger had been lower off, they launched him, as a result of an important situation of sacrifice was for the particular person to be wholesome and wholesome, and right here the king knew the explanation why the minister stated (perhaps it was good). The king returned to the fort glad as a result of he escaped dying and ordered a minister to be delivered to him, and the king apologized to the minister and advised him what had occurred, after which the king requested the minister: the place did he say: Now I do know why you advised me when lower your finger (perhaps it is good), so why did you say (perhaps) OK, after I ordered you locked up? The Minister responded with a smile and stated: Should you had not imprisoned me, I’d have gone with you on that fishing journey and I’d have been a sacrifice that they’d have made to idols in your house.

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