June 27, 2022

Physiognomy is the contemplation of the implications of issues by way of doing or leaving them.

Crucial factor that’s meant within the chapter on physiognomy and the best jurisprudence of function in doing and leaving, and seeing the implications of issues and never being restricted to superficial and shut issues.

Physiognomy is just not given to anybody, and to whom physiognomy is given, a lot good is given.

The story of the race is a shame

The information stated that at some point a person arrived in a kingdom to which he was a stranger, entered it and started to wander its streets, saying: “I’m a politician who has the power to resolve all disputes and disputes and might reconcile all quarrels, irrespective of how nice the dispute and the dispute between them. “

So the king heard him name, and despatched his males to hunt him, and when the person got here, the king requested him, “Are you the grasp ?! Excellent news as a result of I’ve a cussed mare and nobody has been capable of tame and practice him, settle for him now and do that activity, you might succeed. ”

A person with respect and reverence: “However, my lord, I’m a politician and I’m not a horseman. I’m a politician who fixes damaged relationships between individuals, and I don’t perceive the curiosity of horse politicians. , their coaching and how one can tame them normally. ”

King: “What about you ?! It is an order. Are you deaf to my orders ?!”

Man: “Excuse me, my lord.”

King: “Then go and maintain it effectively.”

The person was frightened by the change in tone of the king’s voice: “I command you, sir.”

Certainly, the politician left and towards his will labored because the chief for the king’s horse, and the king ordered him two meals a day, rice and soup.

The person raised the king’s mare for a couple of days, and the primary time the chance introduced itself he escaped, however the king’s males arrested him and introduced him to the king.

The king was very indignant, so he requested him: “What made you run away to boost our mare ?! Did you discover a flaw in her that made you run away from her?”

The person stated, “I will inform you concerning the lack of it, however give me safety first.”

The king stated, “I’ve given you safety, say.”

The person stated, “Oh, my lord the king, your mare is purebred, little question about it, however she, my lord, was not breastfed.”

The king obtained indignant and shouted on the man and accused him of mendacity. , and reply me instantly, or I will make you remorse it your entire life. ”

The editor stated, “Oh, my lord, on the day your mare was born, her mom died, and I couldn’t discover milk to suckle besides from a cow within the barn, and I hid it from you for concern of your anger.”

The king ordered that the politician be introduced from jail, and so they introduced him for us and requested him, saying: “Inform me, how did they know that my horse was not actual?”

The person replied, “My lord, a purebred horse doesn’t search for grass and pastures, however sees him coming along with his head held excessive; As in your horse, he would decrease his head like a cow and search for his meals. ”

The king was so impressed by his wit and brilliance of intelligence, that he instantly ordered him to be an adviser to his queen spouse.

The person refused this act, which could possibly be the reason for his loss of life, as a result of the king didn’t settle for a single phrase about his mare, so what if he finds one thing in his queen spouse ?!

Certainly he would then order that his neck be lower off, and all these ideas roll by means of his head; However the king threatened to kill him if he didn’t obey his orders, and the person’s order was solely that he accepted by pressure as earlier than.

The king was happy that this man accepted the provide and ordered that two chickens be given to him for lunch and dinner.

Certainly, the person labored with the king’s spouse for a couple of days, after which fled, however as earlier than, the king’s males arrested him and returned him to the king, in order that the identical query was repeated with him: “What did you discover?” in our queen’s spouse to make you run away? “

The person requested him, “Will you give me safety if I inform you what I discovered ?!”

The king replied, “I’ll definitely provide you with safety, be certain and don’t worry about something.”

The person stated, “Oh, my lord, your spouse is a queen, however she is just not the daughter of kings as you suppose!”

With out considering, he ordered his males to place him in jail, and he instantly traveled to his father-in-law’s home within the neighboring kingdom, and when he eliminated it from his eyes, he put a sword round his neck and requested: “Inform me the reality about your daughter’s line! ”

He replied: “It’s not ours. When my daughter was two years outdated, she turned significantly in poor health and died in consequence; First I swore along with your father that we might marry you, and when my daughter died, I introduced my gypsy daughter and he raised her like she was my daughter, and when your spouse grew up along with her!

The king returned to the palace and ordered him launched from jail, and he requested him, “How might you recognize my spouse’s secret?”

The person stated, “Oh, my lord, it’s within the nature of the Gypsies to wink after they converse, and your spouse winks a lot.”

The king elevated his admiration for the person’s physiognomy and this time ordered him to be within the service of his queen mom, and the person definitely vehemently refused this new mission during which the king wouldn’t spare him, and definitely if he discovered something in his mom he would die to be the one future to bury the key of the king and his mom with him.

However the king didn’t authorize him in any respect to evade his command, so he threatened him with loss of life each time if he didn’t obey his orders, and he was pressured and subdued earlier than the person labored as a servant to the king’s mom.

The king was happy with the person’s approval and ordered his males to place lambs for lunch and lambs for dinner.

This man served the king’s mom for a couple of days and fled, and as earlier than, the king’s males and his guard arrested him and introduced him to the king.

The king requested him in nice rage, “And what did you discover in our mom this time to make you run away from confronting me?”

The person requested him, stuttering, “Will you give me safety if I inform you, my lord ?!”

So the king stated to him, “That is yours, however say instantly what you noticed or you’ll separate your head out of your physique.”

The person stated sarcastically, “O my lord, Your Majesty is just not … your father’s son!”

So the king obtained indignant and upset in his face: “Are you loopy ?! What did you suppose you had been doing? Guards, throw him in jail to rot inside. ”

He went to his mom, after which out of anger he couldn’t see in entrance of him. He ordered all of the servants to depart their mom’s room. After being assured that nobody was there, he requested his mom in a rage, “Am I the king’s son?”

His mom tried to keep away from his query, however she knew concerning the state of affairs that affected him and was afraid of his tyranny, so she lastly relented and answered him, saying: “My son, my husband, the king, was a sterile man. who didn’t give delivery to youngsters, and moreover, he would marry a woman from the dominion yearly, even when she was 9 months outdated and wouldn’t have youngsters. I didn’t need loss of life and slaughter just like the king’s earlier wives, so I used to be alone with the courtroom cook dinner and he slept with me with the ladies, and I obtained pregnant with you!

The king returned and ordered him to be introduced from jail, and after they introduced him, he ordered them to depart instantly and requested him to talk, and there have been nonetheless indicators of anger on his face: “How are you going to know such a harmful secret ?! ”

The person stated, “O my lord, kings reward with gold and cash, and I’ve not discovered it in your majesty, for you’ve gotten rewarded me with meals, and that’s one thing solely cooks do!”

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