June 29, 2022

At this time, by the Actuality Tales web site, we are going to present you one of the vital wanted up to now, the Blue Elephant story, initially a novel by Ahmed Murad, which was printed in 2012 and in 2014 this novel was translated into a movie referred to as The Blue Elephant. ) .This can be a novel and we hope you get pleasure from it.

A novel a couple of blue elephant

blue elephant story

The protagonist of our novel as we speak is a psychiatrist referred to as (Yahya Rashid), Yahya is a physician who works at Abbasiya Hospital for the remedy of psychological and neurological illnesses, which is a really well-known hospital within the Arab Republic of Egypt, however Yahya really kept away from going to his hospital work and he stopped working for about 5 years, and the reason being his fault for what he prompted to his spouse (Nermin) and his daughter.

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Dr. Yahya was the sort who likes to drink alcohol till he will get drunk. Someday, whereas driving at a loopy pace, he misplaced management of the automotive drunk, and this led to the automotive overturning. he killed his spouse and daughter and lived with this guilt, which remained his companion for all times. Yahya didn’t neglect that he was the primary cause for the lack of his spouse and daughter. After the medical doctors end their trip, Yahya is pressured to return to his work on the hospital.

Dr. Yahyi’s return was not pure. Dr. Yahya works within the division chargeable for figuring out the psychological power of the offenders. It might appear regular, however unusual is that Dr. Yahya meets his outdated pal (Sharif Al-Kurdi) when he returns, Sharif is accused of killing his spouse, and though Sharif claims that he’s not a assassin, there’s an evil spirit in him. who did it.

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Yahya was tasked with proving her pal’s innocence with the assistance of his pal Sharif’s sister (Lubna), though Dr. Yahya cherished Lubna, Lubna was married to a different man and had just a little daughter named (Hania), Yahya and Lubna discovered that there was genie (Nael), who lives inside Sharif’s physique and is the primary reason for Sharif’s killing of his spouse, however unusual is how genie Nael transferred to Sharif’s physique.

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The reality is that there’s a lady named (Deja) who drew a tattoo on Sharif’s spouse’s physique on the pretext that this tattoo would trigger Sharif’s spouse to really feel bodily pleasure together with her husband, however the reality is that this tattoo is nothing however a magic spell. which transfers Jin Nael to Sharif’s physique, in order that Nael later kills Sharif’s spouse, and extra surprisingly, one other tattoo seems on Sharif’s physique as an indication of Jin Nael’s presence.

Dr. Yahya discovered that Genie Nael had made Sharif utterly absent in actuality, and Nael grew to become the controller of Sharif’s physique, killing Sharif’s spouse. (Blue Elephant) and these tablets assist to bridge the hole between actuality and fiction.

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Blue Elephant tablets include DMT, a substance secreted by the mind throughout human demise, the place Yahya can attain the genie Nael, who reaches individuals by tattoos. To destroy the genie, Nael to get Dr. Sherif again to regular.

Then Lubna separated from her husband to proceed her life with Dr. Yahya, and we get to the tip of the novel, the place Dr. Yahya wakes up sooner or later and finds that he does not bear in mind something from the earlier interval of his life and why Much more scary is that Dr. Yahya discovers that there’s a tattoo on his physique that’s the identical because the tattoo that was drawn on his pal Sharif’s physique.

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