All of us agree that probably the most lovely feeling that passes by way of our coronary heart is the sensation of pleasure, pleasure and pleasure.

There’s nothing extra lovely than the repeated smile and laughter that comes from the center, particularly when it comes from the center of our kids.

So we got here up with the funniest youngsters’s tales and embarrassing conditions that each dad and mom may be uncovered to.

the historical past

One of the lovely humorous youngsters’s tales in historical past…

At some point whereas the daddy had breakfast early earlier than going to work.

His youngest daughter, Malak, was sitting subsequent to him, and he or she was probably the most vital options of his fixed curiosity and love of understanding the character of issues and the explanations behind all of it.

That they had a really fascinating and fascinating dialogue, and on the similar time, it has the character of shyness and shock…

King: “Dad, there’s something that all the time puzzles me and I by no means discover a solution.

And I need to speak to you about it.”

Father: “Your message has arrived, pricey father’s coronary heart, go forward.”

King: “Is there any disgrace in marriage?”

The daddy was stunned by her query and his eyes bulged out of his head, so he mentioned hesitantly, “Shameful!?
No, my love, marriage is safety and stability, and all of the heavenly religions have come to induce humanity to do it, that is why Almighty God ordered us to do it.

It additionally saves us from falling into taboos and saves us from many checks.

King: “Then clarify to me the which means of marriage.”

The daddy was confused, barely controlling himself, and mentioned, “Marriage, beloved of your father’s coronary heart, is the very best relationship that unites and unites two individuals.”

King: “Dad, you do not evade me. I need the which means and type of marriage?!”

The daddy was conscious of his daughter’s inquisitive character, and the which means she wished to realize, however he didn’t dare to present her the reply she wished.

Father: “Marriage occurs if an individual and an individual meet and really feel an attraction to one another, then they will get married and have a cheerful household like us.”

King coldly: “However, my father, the whole lot I discussed is alleged each day and repeated on tv in motion pictures and collection.”

His father was amazed at her method and her extreme urgency to know his frank and clear reply.

King: “Okay, dad, I am going to ask you the query in a clearer manner so you may reply me, however dad, do not keep away from me once more!

What do a person and a girl do till they get married?!”

He turned nervous and considered a plan to flee her query: “Effectively, my love, when they’re positive that they’re match to dwell collectively for the remainder of their lives, they get engaged after which the wedding contract.

Then they put together the marital residence, they go there after the enjoyment of dinner for household and family members, and they’re blissful and intimate with one another, and so they have many girls and boys.”

King: “I need to know precisely how girls and boys are born?!”

The daddy, satisfied that his plan didn’t contain his little daughter, however with nice insistence evaded her by calling his spouse to ask for tea.

When his daughter denounced him together with her penetrating gaze, he requested, “What have been you doing together with your research?”

The daughter reluctantly replied: “Dad, we’re on trip! However you did not reply me, dad, when the 2 of them get married, how can they’ve youngsters?”

His father sighed and mentioned, “You already know, I’m pleased with you and your manner, as a result of you are attempting to know the whole lot and the reality behind the whole lot.

You already know I instructed your mom about this yesterday.

Malak’s eyes widened and he mentioned, “Till now, are you explaining to my mom and my mom nonetheless hasn’t understood?”

Her father had put a chunk of bread in her mouth, and he or she virtually killed him from the impact of her phrases on him, the daughter had fully misunderstood his assertion.

THE FATHER: “No, my love, I imply I used to be telling you that it was our obligation to you to elucidate the whole lot it’s worthwhile to know.”

King: “You’re the one who mentioned that, however I see the contradiction in you, dad.

Have not you instructed me the way to have youngsters but?!”

The daddy breathed a sigh of reduction: “After a wedding is carried out between them, primarily based on compassion and affection for one another, they’ve youngsters, Almighty God has endowed the girl with a womb with which she’s going to carry her baby. fetus for 9 months.

Throughout which he endured ache, fatigue and struggling even…”

Malak interrupted him and requested, “Lady has all the time been stricken by marriage. Why was my uncle afraid of her?”

The daddy was shocked, his face turned yellow, and he requested: “Who knew that?”

She replied, “By probability, in fact, Dad.”

He yelled at her, shedding his mood: “By any probability?!!
Or have been you eavesdropping? There isn’t a longer any dialogue between us.”

He stood up, eager to get away from him, and he or she mentioned, “Sit in your seat, Dad, or do you need to get away from answering my query?”

He yelled at his spouse to eliminate the embarrassment her little daughter had inflicted on her.

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