July 1, 2022

Who amongst us doesn’t discover love for tales of all types?

Who amongst us doesn’t really feel a deep eager for the story that his mom or grandmother informed him throughout his childhood?

Tales are among the many most lovely and elegant kinds of literature, the love of which nobody disputes, in order that their love is born inside hearts from childhood, and their love continues within the hearts of all till the particular person of us meets its finish.

First story:

Someday, Juha went to the market to purchase some requirements for his home, and when he got here to the shopkeeper, whom he thought of his good friend, he informed him the whole lot he wished to purchase, and the issue was that the cash that Juha had was not sufficient to purchase the whole lot he wished from the shopkeeper.

So Juha requested the shopkeeper to offer him the issues as a lot as the cash he had, however the shopkeeper introduced the whole lot Juha wanted and put it in Juha’s hand, and informed him to take the whole lot he requested for from the start and never there may be distinction. between them so long as the debt is later repaid.

Juha took it and promised the shopkeeper that he would carry his cash at a later time, and he returned dwelling joyfully and fortunately to satisfy all his spouse’s requests, unusually, however day after day he forgot his promise to the shopkeeper , and he didn’t keep in mind it till he discovered the shopkeeper in entrance of his home asking him to pay his debt, and Juha promised for the second time to return his debt, however after two days.

After the 2 days handed, Juha didn’t go to the shopkeeper, however as an alternative averted the person on all roads, and if he noticed him go by on a street, he would instantly change his means in order to not give the person an opportunity. shopkeeper to see him and keep in mind his faith.

The times handed between them, and Juha continued in his perspective in direction of the shopkeeper’s man till the day got here when Juha met along with his buddies, his buddies wished to listen to a narrative and a uncommon of his fascinating anecdotes to get pleasure from that, and from Out of the blue Juha noticed the shopkeeper approaching him from afar, he wished to run away from him and keep away from him, however his buddies compelled him to remain.

Joha could not discover a approach to escape, so he approached the shopkeeper and mentioned, “Do I owe you, good friend?”

The shopkeeper mentioned, “For 50 dirhams.”

Then Juha mentioned, “So tomorrow, God prepared, I will offer you twenty-five dirhams, and the day after tomorrow I will offer you twenty dirhams, so how a lot do you’ve gotten left?”

The shopkeeper mentioned, “5 dirhams.”

So Juha mentioned, “So that you solely have 5 dirhams in my time?”

The shopkeeper mentioned, “Sure.”

Juha mentioned, “And for 5 dirhams, you comply with me from place to position and demand that I keep. Are these the manners of the honorable, my good friend?”

The shopkeeper mentioned: “You probably did it to me, then, oh Juha!”

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Second story:

Someday, Juha was visiting his shut good friend who works on the governor’s palace and informed him a really unusual story…

The governor is a person of nice ignorance, and has no pity or pity on anybody, sooner or later quickly he was despatched searching for the smart smart man of the city, and he was requested by the astonishment of admiration, he requested the smart man to show his donkey the alphabet, after which the hadith!

The sage was stupefied, and I knowledgeable him that all through his life, which lasted years, and regardless of having learn many and most of the earlier books, he didn’t know something comparable, not even just like what the governor requested for, in order that the governor ordered his banishment overseas and to not return to it any extra.

Juha was shocked by the governor’s unusual order, and after ending his recommendation along with his good friend, he returned dwelling, and the following day he discovered an announcement from the governor about an amazing reward for many who had sufficient expertise to show his donkey. .

Juha got here eager to go to the governor, and everybody round him warned him of the implications of what he thinks, and likewise warned him of the brutality of the governor, who reveals no mercy to his personal or others as a result of severity of his ignorance

However Juha insisted on going to him, and actually went there and informed the governor, saying with confidence and willpower, “I really like to show donkeys, my lord!”

The governor put away a lot of his verbiage, which he appreciated, and ordered his males to have a bag stuffed with dirhams and a home worthy of his workplace. As for Juha, he laid down his circumstances, which have been a room mendacity on the donkey outfitted with all the required instruments for his or her training, and the one situation after that is that the governor himself attends with them in order that he can consider what Juha does, the governor himself didn’t know the alphabet; And the final circumstances have been that Juha set a three-year time plan.

The governor agreed to all his circumstances and promised him ample cash and riches that might enable him to spend the remainder of his life in exorbitant wealth if true, however ought to he fail he promised to tear his head off. from his shoulders.

His good friend anxious about him and requested, “Why did you try this to your self, you fool?”

Juha mentioned: “It’s allowed for 3 years, one of many three will die, whether or not it’s me, the governor or the donkey!”

His good friend mentioned, “You might be so good!”

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