June 29, 2022

At this time we proceed the occasions of our terrifying and terrifying story about Black Saturday. Within the earlier episode, we noticed what occurred to Detective Tamim and Fahd and the way their go to to the village turned out. Detective Tamim discovered a secret room in one of many village homes, which was a butcher’s room, and thankfully he was capable of get out of it safely. In contrast to the go to of Fahd and his buddies, Khaled died and Ahmed fell right into a deep pit, and as we speak we’ll see what occurs to Fahd and whether or not he survives or is injured as Khaled, let’s transfer on.

The story of Black Saturday, half eleven

As Fahd and his buddies hurried out of the village, Ahmed fell right into a deep pit. Darkness obscured this gap of its dimension. Fahd heard no sound from his buddy Ahmed. After Ahmed fell into the pit, he started calling his buddies on the high, however to no avail. Out of the blue, a terrifying creature appeared in entrance of Ahmed, this creature was eyeless, and its pores and skin was peeling and flying by way of the air, in order that its toes didn’t contact the bottom as they walked.

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This terrifying creature approached Ahmed and struck him on the top with an iron. Ahmed started to scream with ache, and after the bloodshed that was thick of Ahmed’s head, he fainted and fell to the bottom. He instructed me Ahmed was alive. Yasser didn’t deceive us. He was proper. The genie will certainly kill us. Fahd mentioned then: Come on, Tariq, let’s get out of this village shortly and get assist to Ahmed earlier than they torture or kill him. Let’s go.

The shock that shocked Fahd was when Tariq pulled a pistol from his pocket and mentioned: I can’t let these scary creatures kill me or torture me, I’ll kill myself. Fahd hugged Tariq like a lifeless physique and commenced to cry bitterly: Why did you allow me, Tariq? why? After a couple of minutes, Fahd positioned Tariq’s physique on the facet of the highway and hurried to the automotive, took it, and hurried away from the village.

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As Fahd raced within the automotive, he observed a vivid mild falling on the automotive’s windshield, so Fahd could not see due to that mild. Fahd felt nothing however the automotive turned the other way up. At that second, Investigator Tamim waited for Iyad to inform him in regards to the proprietor of the fingerprints. There was a transparent concern on his face. Iyad, Investigator Tamim mentioned: Come on, Iyad, shortly inform me who owns the fingerprints. Iyad’s reply was stunning, as he mentioned: The proprietor of the fingerprints is Yasser !!! Investigator Tamim was dumbfounded when he heard these phrases and commenced to ask: How cheap is that?

Cartoon character
Tariq’s suicide

Iyad mentioned: Yasser has been affected by schizophrenia since he was a toddler. He took cats from the road to torture them in his room, and when his father requested him, why did you do it? Yasser wept and mentioned, “I don’t.” Iyad continued and mentioned: When Yasser’s father bored him, he kicked him out of the home when he was 19 years outdated. Yasser was hidden on the time of the crimes and nobody knew something about him, and he didn’t seem till weeks after the crimes had taken place.

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As for Yasser’s father, he suffered from a wierd illness. Sleep was inconceivable for him. The household got here to one of many sheikhs to see the situation of Yasser’s father. The shock was when the sheikh mentioned: The person is haunted by a complete tribe of genies and there’s no remedy for him. Yasser’s father wished for demise each second due to the ache he felt, after which what occurred the entire home occurred and Yasser’s father burned with him, ending his life with a painful finish. As for Jasir’s mom, in any case that occurred , suffered a stroke that she sadly didn’t endure and died of this stroke.

Iyad continued the dialog: Yasser additionally has a brother, however he’s distorted and it’s he who has given me all this data, and it’s higher in case you discuss to him as a result of you’re going to get extra necessary data from him. Investigator Tamim mentioned: Sure, I wish to discuss to Yasser’s brother. The place is he now? Iyad mentioned: He is in my workplace. I will him. Investigator Tamim hurried to Iyad’s workplace. Investigator Tamim entered the workplace and located Yasser’s brother in entrance of him. Investigator Tamim mentioned: Peace be with you, I’m Investigator Tamim. Yasser’s brother.

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Investigator Tamim mentioned to Saad: Did your brother Yasser ever go to a psychiatrist? Saad replied: Sure, docs have recognized Yasser with a psychological sickness, so generally he prays and generally he doesn’t pray. You’re feeling that he’s an evil and soiled man, Saad continued: I adopted Yasser and I adopted him in all his steps till I spotted the nice disaster, which is that Yasser goes to the wizard to the village.

Sure, at the moment I used to be positive that my brother Yasser was accountable for all of the deaths that came about within the village. The magician persuaded Yasser to kill these individuals, to current them as a sacrifice to the opposite world. He was additionally accountable for my father’s magic, which triggered a hearth that engulfed the home and killed my father. I assumed loads about revealing Yasser’s secret, however I held again for concern of getting revenge on me !!!! Investigator Tamim was surprised and mentioned: Go on, Saad, please, I wish to know all the pieces.

Saad mentioned: I’ve determined to speak to Yasser, he could also be in poor health and need assistance, however I used to be shocked to say that this village belongs to him and that he’s married to a fairy (Khouizma) and that he loves her madly. he would by no means go away her. Saad felt despair, however he thought to himself: My brother Yasser is sick and wishes my assist. I can’t go away you, Jasser. After a number of days, Saad determined to go to Yasser’s house to speak to him once more, however it was a shock when Saad discovered his brother Yasser lifeless, then Saad mentioned to Tamim’s investigator: After all, the killer is the underworld.

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Saad continued: Sure, they’re those who killed Yasser. He’s a person who opposes them. Typically he’s a magician and different occasions a sort and compassionate Yasser who likes to learn the Qur’an. they determined to eliminate him and I do not know if my brother died unjustly or unjustly. In the meantime, Fahd opened his eyes and noticed a health care provider in entrance of him. The hospital asks him: How are you, Fahd, are you feeling? ache? Fahd mentioned: No, I am wonderful. The physician got here out of the room and abruptly Fahd felt one thing heavy on his chest, after which he heard a whisper saying to him: It is over, after which Fahd felt like there was one thing unusual in his physique.


Ideas started to fall on Fahd’s head. Are you want Yasser now? Will I be in the identical situation as Yasser? Fahd then realized that he had been chosen by the genie to exchange Yasser. Typically Fahd wakes up and sees traces of blood on his garments. He feels scared by this scene and says I am not Fahd. I am the killer now that kills individuals and brings them to the underworld, sure, that day was Black Saturday, I made a decision to go to the village.

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