June 27, 2022

Messengers and messengers are human beings despatched by Almighty God to compel folks to stray from the trail of delusion and to stick to the correct path represented within the worship of the One, the Penitent. Folks comply with the true religion, Islam that got here into the world to fill it with mild after darkish, and information to delusion, and at this time, by means of our web site, true tales, we’re happy to current one of the stunning tales of the prophets we should learn to younger kids how it is best to know that Islam didn’t unfold simply, however there are prophets and prophets who encountered many obstacles on their manner, and our story at this time is in regards to the Prophet Shuaib and the Companions, so we hope that this story will impress you.

The story of the Prophet Shuaib, as

The story of God’s Messenger Shu’aib and the Companions of Al-Ikah

Close to the borders of the Egyptian state, and particularly within the south of the town of Palestine, lived a tribe referred to as Midian. The folks of Madjana lived close to large nations that they exploited within the cultivation of orchards and gardens with picturesque views. These orchards and gardens have been referred to as mangroves, these folks have been identified. but when they purchase one thing, they enhance the measure and weight.

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And they’d at all times exit to interrupt into the commerce caravans that handed close to them, robbing, stealing and harming everybody, and it was all due to their worship of false gods. Almighty God despatched these folks the Prophet Shuaib, peace be upon him, to get them organized to desert the worship of idols and idols and to comply with the true religion. however the response of the proprietor of the coffin was a request from the Prophet Shuaib, as: Your prayers command you to desert what our fathers worshiped.

The Prophet Shu’ayb made it clear to them that he solely wished to enhance their situation, and the end result was because of the opposite Prophets, to signify the house owners of the horse, however the matter got here to the specter of the Prophet Shu’aib if it weren’t to your kin, Shu’aib, we might they killed you. Peace be upon him, go to your Lord and inform him to deliver us the torment that threatens us, mentioned Almighty God in his Noble Guide: (The house owners of the messengers lied), and after many makes an attempt, only some of them believed within the religion of Islam.

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And naturally, the house owners of the oak who denied Shuayb, as, at any time when they discovered somebody who believed in him, beat him and prevented him from going to Shuayb, so the Prophet Shuayb, as, tried once more, however with out success. ancestors, and the harassment continued for individuals who believed in Prophet Shuayib, as, and the scenario continued because it was till the tip got here.

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Al-Anbaa tales

The start of God’s struggling for them was that he made the climate so scorching and scorching that the warmth ate away at their faces, and the scenario continued for 7 days, and on the eighth day God despatched a giant cloud, so the house owners of the ark rejoiced and thought their prayers for his or her false gods have been answered, however I got here out of this darkness lightning killed them and there was a terrific earthquake, and their finish was due to their unbelief and stubbornness, and God saved Shuaib, could peace be upon him, and who believed from this painful punishment.

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After that, the Prophet Shuayb, peace be upon him, lived a very long time, and the Almighty God gave him a thousand sheep that he himself stored. She takes excellent care of her, and the 2 daughters have been of fine character. , as a result of the Messenger of God Shuayb, as, introduced them up properly.

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