July 1, 2022

The telegram is full of many tales filled with classes and sermons.

These kind of tales have efficient worth and influence on our lives.

In all of the tales we educate and are concerned in, we have now quite a lot of sermons. We should take what has include it, and steer clear of the errors and misconceptions talked about in it.

We should at all times observe the method of those that preceded us, and we’re at all times positive that life could be very quick and that on the finish of life we ​​should obtain what our aim is within the hereafter.

first story:

No marvel the most effective tales are additionally through Telegram, so we began with that …

Someday, Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, could God be happy with him, despatched a letter to the individuals of Homs.

The letter was supposed to jot down him the names of the poor and needy in Homs, as a way to ship them the appropriate from the Muslim treasury.

And after they answered his names, the Commander of the Devoted was stunned when he discovered the title of the ruler of Homs “Saeed bin Amer” among the many names of the poor and needy Homs!

The caliph marveled at his order, how might he be the ruler of Homs and his poor ?!

Query and clarification:

Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab requested the inhabitants of Homs in regards to the causes for the poverty of their ruler, Saeed Ibn Amer.

They informed him that he was spending all his wages on the poor and needy, and he mentioned, “What ought to I do, since I’ve develop into liable for them earlier than God and His Messenger ?!”

So the caliph requested them, “Are you blaming him for something?”

They replied, “We blame him thrice; He does not come out to us besides within the morning, and we by no means see him at evening, and he’s hidden from us all day each week. “

Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab requested the Governor of Homs, Saeed Ibn Amer, about what he had talked about to his topics.

He replied, “That is true, O Commander of the Devoted, and the explanations are:

As for me, I do not exit to them besides within the morning, as a result of I do not exit till after I end serving my household, as a result of I haven’t got a servant, and my spouse is sick.

As for that, they didn’t see me at evening, as a result of I made my day to serve them and fulfill their wants, and I made my evening to worship my Lord.

And I conceal from all of them day lengthy, as a result of I wash my garments with ache and anticipate it to dry.

Our grasp Omar Ibn Al-Khattab wept.

Ethical tales:

The Almighty mentioned in his well-known Ebook in Surah Al-Ahzab: (Among the many believers there are people who find themselves trustworthy to their covenant with God.

The place are we of those that have been introduced up on the trail of our Prophet, as, in our time ?!

We see solely individuals who purchased life on this world for the hereafter, so their commerce didn’t revenue, nor did they return.

second story:

One of the stunning tales on the Telegram …

Someday, our grasp Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, could God be happy with him, handed by a person out there.

And when our grasp “Omer” would hear a person say, “Oh God, make me one in all your few servants.”

Our grasp “Omar” was astonished by his request, so he approached him and requested him: “The place did you get this prayer?”

The person mentioned, “God, reward be to Him, says in His mighty Ebook (and few of my servants are grateful) Almighty God has informed the reality.”

Our grasp Omar wept and mentioned, “All males are extra realized than you, Omar! O God, make us one in all your few servants.”

Ethical tales:

Now we have develop into in our time, if one in all us advises the opposite who has dedicated a sin to depart it, his reply is simply, “Most individuals do it, and I am not the one one who does it!”

And if we have been to search for verses of the Noble Qur’an, we’d discover that most individuals come solely after it, they don’t know .. they don’t give thanks .. they don’t consider!

And if we regarded for the phrase for many of them in his verses, we’d discover that immoral individuals will come after it .. they’re ignorant .. they don’t perceive .. they’re reluctant .. they don’t hear.

On the opposite aspect:

We should perceive issues earlier than we are saying them and do the identical, and what we lack to be one of many few about whom our Lord, glorified be He’s, says in His noble verses.

(And just a few believed with him) Almighty God informed the reality.

(And some of My followers are grateful) Almighty God has informed the reality.

(A number of are from the primary, and some from the final) Almighty God has informed the reality.

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Third story (mercy quenches the wrath of the Lord):

In one of many stay TV reveals on the air, the host offered the sickness of a younger man in his greatest years who’s affected by a plague and wishes surgical procedure urgently.

And he has no bills, which is why his household contacted the broadcaster to assist him save his life as quickly as attainable.

In the course of the episode, calls have been poured on the speaker with donations, every in line with their talents.

The strangest factor within the story:

One of many strangest calls this system obtained was a younger man, he referred to as and donated twenty kilos, and that’s, after all, a really small sum.

The speaker requested him why he donated so little cash and that there was no want for that.

The younger man cried and replied: “However that’s half of what I’ve, as a result of I’m unemployed.
And I did solely what my nice religion commanded me, and don’t forget the hadith of our Lord Muhammad, could God’s prayers and peace be upon him, (mercy quenches the wrath of the Lord and drives away evil loss of life).

The advantage of honest mercy in direction of God:

The shock for all of the spectators, the companions and the speaker himself, was that the caller introduced his donation of ten thousand kilos after the younger man, 5 for the affected person and 5 for a similar younger man.

Communications have been flooding, and most of them introduced half of the donation for sickness, and the opposite half for an unemployed younger man!

By the top of the episode, the affected person had managed to lift more cash than was wanted for the surgical procedure, and the younger man had raised an enormous sum of money.

And for the credibility of the tv program, they needed to host a poor younger man who just isn’t pregnant within the subsequent episode and provides him cash.

Advantages of charity:

In the course of the episode, the younger man informed him that he didn’t get the job, regardless of his excessive {qualifications}, when the speaker requested him.

The younger man was referred to as by well-known businessmen who supplied him the chance to work of their firms.

Ethical tales:

The sincerity of intention with God at all times in phrases and deeds has a profound impact all through life, after which within the encounter with the Most Merciful.

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Fourth story:

One of the stunning tales and thru the Telegram, a narrative quoted from the guide of Imam “Ibn Al-Jawzi” – could God have mercy on him – hunts ideas “

The story, regardless of its brevity, could be very spectacular and vivid, during which the mounted fact is clarified by a really humorous imaginary dialogue of water and oil.

Every time oil and water are combined in a single bowl, the oil rises above the floor of the water!

Water mentioned to the oil, condemning and offended, “Will you rise above me when your tree grows ?! Then the place is the literature ?!”

The oil replied, “It’s as a result of I’ve been affected person with the ache of grinding and kneading, whilst you, O water, circulation by the streams of the rivers in full security.

With endurance, future will rise. ”

And the water mentioned to the oil, “Regardless that I am nonetheless the unique!”

The oil mentioned, “Oh, water, you could first conceal your mistake. For those who method the lamp, it’ll exit, in contrast to me!”

Ethical tales:

There isn’t a success on this life except it’s preceded by the ache of an period of adversity, grinding troubles, and the bitterness of failure.

And those that need to stay in peace on this life, and don’t need to work, will stay ceaselessly beneath, like this water.

And because it was mentioned .. (Do not assume that glory is the date you eat, as a result of you’ll not attain glory till you lick your endurance)!

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fifth story:

One of the elegant tales additionally by the Telegram, which clarifies and explains the elegant which means of the well-known proverb (Between Hana and Mana, Hana received misplaced) …

The person mentions that there was a person married to 2 ladies, the primary was referred to as “Hana” and the second “Mana”.

“Hana” was the youngest and second spouse, whereas “Mana” was his second spouse, who was the oldest.

So if the evening of “Hana” got here, she would pull his grey hair from his chin whereas he slept, in order that her husband wouldn’t uncover an previous man with grey hair in his hair.

And if she goes to Man, she pulls her black hair out of her chin whereas she sleeps, to not discover that he’s youthful than her, and that she is the one who grew previous earlier than him.

And the identical issues occur to him each evening due to his two wives, till in the future he wakened and located his beard fully destroyed.

It was simply his order to shave the remainder of his beard.

Astonishment and astonishment of all:

And when he got here out in entrance of individuals, everybody was amazed by what he noticed, there was status amongst everybody, and the very last thing he anticipated to occur to him was that!

Considered one of them dared to ask him, “What occurred to your beard?”

He replied, “Between Hana and Mana, Hana is misplaced.”

Ethical tales:

This well-known proverb is used when the proprietor of a factor will get confused between two issues that result in stress and the lack of one thing.

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