June 28, 2022

Non secular tales are probably the most essential varieties of tales, as a result of from these tales we be taught loads about our true Islamic religion, and there are various well-known sheikhs who’re recognized for telling non secular tales, a very powerful of which is Sheikh Bedr. Al-Mashari.Surah Al-Kahf, and our Honorable Prophet Muhammad, as, honored us with teachings on Friday, and the Prophet, as, informed his Companions that whoever remembers the ten verses from the start of Surah al-Kahf will likely be protected by Almighty God from the Antichrist, so we hope you get pleasure from studying this story and we hope it’s going to impress you.

The story of the cave Companions

The Quraysh individuals have been very upset due to God’s Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, and due to that the individuals of the Quraysh turned to the Jews, as a result of they know that the Jews are the individuals. The e-book contradicts what their fathers and grandfathers worshiped. to ask the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, about some issues, particularly the lacking boys and the wandering man, in addition to the soul, and when the individuals of the Quraysh went to the Prophet, sallallaahu’ alayhi wa sallam, to ask him, the Prophet he mentioned he would reply them tomorrow.

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The following day got here, and the revelation had not but been introduced to our Honorable Prophet, so the Prophet mentioned to the individuals of the Quraysh once they got here to him the following day: Tomorrow I’ll reply you, and on the third day the Prophet additionally informed the individuals of the Quraysh: Tomorrow I’ll reply you, and the scenario remained as it’s till despair and sorrow started to creep into the hearts of those that believed within the message of the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, as a result of the Prophet couldn’t reply the questions requested by the individuals of the Quraysh, and after some time the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, a revelation got here, and the Prophet was ordered to inform the individuals of the Quraysh in regards to the boys who had disappeared.

The Holy Qur'an
Sora Cave

When the individuals of the Quraysh got here to the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, he informed them in regards to the boys. The boys are a gaggle that worshiped Almighty God and violated the religion of their fathers and grandfathers, and these boys have been among the many sons of kings within the village, and it was a day thought of a feast within the village the place villagers have a good time idols and idols, after which the boys gathered underneath a tree subsequent to the village and agreed that what the individuals of the village have been doing was an excellent delusion and neutrality via the reality.on earth and fell asleep.

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The boys slept within the cave for 309 years, and by God’s knowledge He made the solar attain them into the cave as a result of God prevented them from listening to. The boys have been to be banned from meals, and as quickly because the boy got here out of the cave and mingled with the individuals, he was shocked. The roads within the village have modified, as has everybody’s garments. The entire village modified, and when the boy arrived on the retailer to purchase meals, he found that the forex was unknown to him. And the service provider virtually quarreled with this boy.

Throughout the quarrel, an previous man handed by the shop, and when this previous man inquired in regards to the boy’s identify, he met his tribe and the story of this boy, after which the boy informed the previous man every little thing that occurred to him and the opposite boys, and the way they left. into the cave and fell deep asleep, and the boys thought they slept for a number of hours, and when the individuals of the village went to the cave to be satisfied of the Reality of what the boy informed them, Almighty God took the souls of the boys and their canine, after which the villagers determined to depart the useless boys within the cave and shut the cave with stones.

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