June 29, 2022

Wadi Aqar is a valley in Yemen, and the story is claimed to have been inhabited by Jain poets since time immemorial.

It’s mentioned that each one that got here to this valley and stayed there one night time got here to him as a genie or perhaps a poet and taught him poetry that happy each individual’s coronary heart.

Additionally it is mentioned that each Arab poet had a Jain companion previously, which was taught to him by the poetry he mentioned, and examples of that poetry, as they are saying …

Imru ‘al-Qays was his spouse, Lafez bin famous.

Antara bin Shaddad was his spouse the shadow of the genie Jalid bin.

Al-Nabigha Al-Dhubyani and his spouse got here from a genie, Heather bin Mather.

Tales of Wadi Aqar, Valley of the Poets of Jinn

Some tales about Wadi Abqar, that are probably all simply legends…

These tales and conditions have been talked about within the e-book “Poetry of the Arabs” by Abu Zaid Al-Qurashi.


His narration got here on behalf of “Al-Ala bin Maymun Al-Amidi” on behalf of his father, who mentioned…

One night time he went out with a person from the Quraysh and requested him for his camel, and as they approached the abyss, the sheikh leaned towards a big tree from a distance. You, sheikh. ”

He mentioned, “And peace be with you, the mercy and blessings of God.” He requested them, “What’s the matter with you?”

And after they had informed him what had occurred to them at this hour, he started to chuckle at them, saying, “Nobody has ever walked amongst this place among the many sons of Adam. The place are you from?”

They mentioned, “From the Arabs.”

He mentioned, “My father and mom are Arabs, and the place do Arabs come from?”

One in every of them mentioned, “As for me, I’m from Khuza’ah, and so far as this pal of mine is anxious, he’s from Quraysh.”

The sheikh mentioned, “At Abu Quraysh and reward her!”

Then the sheikh mentioned, “Are you aware, Brother Khuza’ah, who mentioned these verses?

As if he wasn’t among the many pilgrims to Safa

Anis, and he did not go to Mecca, Samer

Sure, we have been her folks, so he destroyed us

Nightclub and Grandfather Alaather.

He mentioned, “Sure, the one who mentioned that’s Al-Harith bin Madad Al-Jarhami.”

The sheikh mentioned, “It is extra he who does it. As for who mentioned it, it is me. I mentioned it throughout the warfare between Bani Khuzama and Jurhum.”

Then he turned to his companion, who was from Quraysh, and requested him, “Brother of the Quraysh, was Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim born?

One in every of them mentioned, “Might God have mercy on you!”

The sheikh mentioned, “I see the time when his sons left. Did Abdullah give delivery to his son?”

One in every of them mentioned in astonishment, “God has mercy on you, you ask us who was among the many useless!”

He raised his query and mentioned: Was Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Hadi born ?!

He mentioned to him, “Under no circumstances for you, the Messenger of God died forty years in the past.”

So the sheikh gasped for the breath that each males thought his final breath had come out of his physique, and he lay on the bottom chanting to say,

And the hopeful Lord prevented his hope

I hope the hopes are gone.

And the sheikh started to weep, as a result of the Prophet was leaving his life till his beard grew to become moist and the 2 males started to cry probably the most.

Then the sheikh mentioned in an intermittent voice, “And the decide, and who’s the guardian after him?”

They mentioned, “Abu Bakr as-Siddiq and is one in every of his finest companions and one of the best man on earth after the prophets and obedience.”

And he mentioned, “So who ?!”

They mentioned, “Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.”

He mentioned: You two of his folks ?!

They mentioned, “Sure.”

He mentioned confidently, “As for the Arabs, you are still effective in the event you do.”

They mentioned, “Oh sheikh, you requested us lots and we answered you, so we answered who you’re and what’s your story ?!”

He mentioned, “I’m Al-Saffah bin Al-Raqraq, a genie, and I consider in God and His messengers and I consider in what has come within the Torah and the Gospel, and I actually hoped to see Muhammad bin Abdullah, the prophet of the tip of time; However when the genies broke up and loosened the ropes certain for the reason that time of our grasp Solomon, this Arabian peninsula took secure haven and hid there to worship God alone, who has no companion, and waited for his prophet Muhammad.

I swore I would not get out of right here till I heard about his mission, you folks have shortened your life as a result of I used to be right here 4 hundred years in the past and Abd Manaf was a younger boy on the time.

O two males, go forward and recite “Muhammad” from me, as a result of I’m eagerly near his grave.

Each males went and did because the sheikh requested them to do.

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