God at all times loves his servant, this can’t be denied, however God can also be merciful and forgives sins if an individual repents and repents for what he has achieved. These tales lead us to 1 which means, and that’s that God is merciful to creation to all, and that God has instructed him to observe the religion of Islam, so that is probably the most lovely reward that anybody can obtain. The story proves the energy of the bond that must be between the servant and his Grasp, and it additionally proves that God leads whom He wills and seduces whom He wills. Neither cash nor sons will profit, we hope this story will profit you and we hope you’ll prefer it.

The story of a bit of angel

The occasions of this story revolve round a younger man named Sami, Sami is a 13-year-old boy who lives along with his household within the Netherlands, extra exactly within the capital Amsterdam. His father works in a textile store and can also be in entrance of one of many small mosques within the metropolis. Sami and his father had been normally there each Friday after the top of the prayer, which is the distribution of a small booklet that introduces Islam and its teachings and the whole lot about it. Maybe the reader will discover on this booklet what he didn’t discover earlier than, so he writes to God to transform to Islam and turn out to be a Muslim, the booklet was entitled (The Street to Paradise), and this small brochure was not the one one, however there have been numerous Islamic publications which the daddy and his son shared amongst passers-by, in addition to by homes within the neighborhood and neighboring neighborhoods.

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On Friday, after the prayer, the climate was very chilly and the temperature was approaching zero, not solely that, however it was raining exhausting, Sami then determined to put on plenty of garments as a result of the climate exterior may be very chilly, however his father suggested him to remain at dwelling and to distribute the brochure on the second day when the climate is calm, the son insisted on going out and distributing the brochure to the folks. Sami stated: My father, there are nonetheless individuals who don’t imagine in God and our activity is to enlighten their minds and hearts. Please let me go and promise you to watch out and to not transfer away from the neighborhood. Sami’s father was stunned and determined to not stand in the way in which of his son and allowed him to depart the home and hand out the booklet.

As a result of chilly climate, Sami had only some brochures, so he shared them one after the other, he generally shared between passers-by and homes generally till Sami was left with just one brochure, Sami determined to present this remaining brochure to the primary individual he met, due to dangerous Sami could not discover anybody to present him the final brochure, Sami regarded round and selected one of many homes and headed in direction of him, Sami supposed to ring the doorbell and whoever opened the door for him gave him the brochure and returned to his home, Sami arrived on the door of the home and rang the bell and wait, two minutes handed and nobody opened the door, he got here again once more and knocked on the door, he thought the bell was damaged.

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Greater than 5 minutes handed and nobody opened the door. Sami felt that one thing was stopping him from leaving and he began knocking exhausting on the door and eventually the door was opened by a lady about 50 years previous, the girl regarded very unhappy, Sami regarded spouse and he stated with a smile: Sorry ma’am, if I do not such as you, however I wish to let you know that God loves you. Sami advised her concerning the booklet and what it contained, and he shortly went again to his home. Earlier than Sami left, the woman stated to him: Thanks son and I promise to learn this booklet. , Sami got here dwelling and he was completely satisfied and glad as a result of time didn’t stand in his approach to do his responsibility and his father was very pleased with him.

The next week, after the top of the Jumu’ah prayers, a seminar was held on the significance of spreading Islam. There was a small corridor for 60 folks within the mosque. This corridor is devoted to spiritual seminars led by Sami’s father. The daddy held a seminar and when he completed he stated: Is there anybody who desires to ask about one thing or is there somebody who desires to inform us one thing? One of many ladies who was on the symposium stood up and stated, “No one is aware of me right here, it is my first time. Sami’s father answered her and stated, ‘Welcome sister.'” Then the girl continued, saying, “I wasn’t there final Friday. a Muslim lady and it by no means occurred to me that I’d enter. ” Islam someday, I’m a single lady, my husband handed away just a few months in the past.

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I used to be left alone on this world, nobody cares about me, and nobody comes to go to me anymore, so I made a decision to kill myself and eliminate this torment I am going by way of daily. And I introduced a chair and tied a rope to the ceiling of the room and I used to be about to commit suicide, earlier than I jumped out of my chair I heard a bell on the door and I stated to myself that whoever rings the bell will go away if I do not reply. To open the door and see who the individual knocking on the door is I went out of the room and went to the door and opened it and noticed an angel carrying a e-book, this angel gave me a booklet and stated to me: God loves you.

Helpful tales

The boy’s face was angelic and he invited you to assume a bit of about life. The boy started to elucidate the small print of this booklet to me briefly. The phrases that got here out of this boy’s mouth had been like valuable gems that change what’s inside an individual. I thanked this boy rather a lot and promised to learn this booklet. What he gave me, I really gave up on the concept of ​​suicide and I began studying this booklet and understood each phrase and right here I felt that God despatched me this little angel to save lots of me from the hearth torment on the final minute. God transformed me to Islam , and thank God he despatched somebody to information me on the fitting path, the trail of Islam.

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Sami’s father checked out his son sitting within the entrance row and turned to him with tears in his eyes, not tears of unhappiness however tears of pleasure. Then Sami’s father stated to his son: First, I apologize for not going with you. that day and thanks for not giving up.Due to you God saved this znu.And never solely did you save her however you had been the rationale she entered the religion of God.I’m very pleased with you Sami.Then Sami stated: “Praised be he Allah, who gave me a purpose for somebody to enter Islam, and thank God, my father, for what we now have achieved to Muslims, and right here I congratulate everybody who has a righteous man and a righteous son who loves goodness and doesn’t cease spreading the religion of God, and Sami and his associates now hand out Islamic booklets after every Friday prayer.

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