June 28, 2022

As everyone knows, prophets are messengers despatched by God, the Blessed and Exalted, to numerous nations to convey these nations out of the darkness represented in idolatry and unbelief in Almighty God to the sunshine represented within the religion of Islam, and due to this fact the mission of the messenger and prophet was not in no way simple. They endured hardships and hardships solely to boost the phrase “there isn’t any god however God,” and each time God despatched a prophet from his prophets to one of many nations, they encountered the worst response. killing and that’s the reason Almighty God punishes these nations with probably the most extreme punishment.

The story of the Messenger of God, Hood and the individuals of Hades

The story of God's Messenger Hood, as
The story of God’s Messenger Hood, as

After what occurred to Noah’s individuals and everybody noticed how the flood drowned them, idol worship fully disappeared from the earth, however after a few years, darkness returned to creep into the hearts of many individuals, and idol worship was restored. among the many individuals who returned To worship the statues and statues of the individuals of Aada, and the individuals of Aada have been identified for his or her greatness and nice energy, and due to this fact their conceitedness and stubbornness elevated, so God despatched them his Prophet Hud, as, a Hud mentioned, (O individuals, worship God, you haven’t any god however Him), however the individuals now not obeyed Him and continued their conceitedness and stubbornness, forgetting what occurred to Noah’s individuals when Noah, as, suggested them to desert idolatry and to worship the one God Almighty who has no accomplice.

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The Messenger of God, could Allah bless him and grant him peace, continued to try to make his individuals a individuals who turned away from idolatry, so he didn’t despair and always reminded his individuals of the hereafter and that there’s a resurrection day through which God will decide all creation and God will ship the lifeless. , and all will stand earlier than Him, the Almighty, and decide in all issues, there can be an finish, whether or not by coming into heaven or coming into hell, however as traditional, satisfaction, stubbornness, and even sarcasm was the factor that occurred to Hood, as, as a result of the individuals who returned noticed that Hud, as, is nothing however human beings who eat as they eat and drink as they drink. And that is talked about within the Noble Qur’an within the verse of the Almighty: (He guarantees you that if you happen to die and develop into mud and bones, you can be taken out, poor, depressing issues if you end up promised. , not resurrected).

Punishing people is back
Punishing individuals is again

There was a livid battle between Hud, as, and his individuals who didn’t imagine in Almighty God and continued to worship idols, and in time the individuals of Aad accused the Prophet Hod, as, of being mad, as God mentioned in his holy e book (a we don’t forsake our gods about your saying and what we’re. who returned by drying up the earth and no extra rain from heaven, and when the individuals requested, the prophet returned to God Hood concerning the motive for this Hud, peace be upon him, mentioned to them: God is offended with you and it’ll finish the state of drought and be happy with you if you happen to imagine in it, however the individuals of Hades didn’t obey it both and continued their unbelief. to God, the One, the Most Excessive. The drought was rising and the crops have been dying.

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Sooner or later, the sky was stuffed with thick clouds, so individuals rejoiced and realized that there can be rain that will finish the drought, however one thing occurred that nobody anticipated. God mentioned in His Noble E-book: (After they noticed him representing the Way forward for their valleys, they mentioned, “This can be a signal of our rain.” However that is what you hurried with, a wind in which there’s a painful torment that destroys every thing by on the command of their Lord. ”As in the event that they have been empty palm bushes), and the winds continued throughout this era till nothing was left alive besides Hood, peace be upon him, and people who have been protected with him from his individuals.

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