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Within the earlier part, we noticed the adventures of a younger man, Tariq and Hassan, start together with his two mates, Tariq and Hassan, after Haitham was content material to take them to the doorway of the village and again once more. the journey to Shepherd Salem the suspicious home, and on this work, along with the occasions and conditions that Yasser and his mates undergo, we’ll get to know Shepherd Salem’s home, so observe us.

The story of the mom of roses, the cursed village, half two

The younger man described the best way to Yasser and his mates, and after thanking him, all of them went to the coveted home, the home of Shepherd Salem. All the best way, Yasser thought of why the outdated man had mentioned these phrases, and questions started to return to Yasser, does this man have something to do with the dying of Shepherd Salem? Does he know one thing that occurred on this village we do not find out about?

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These and lots of different questions raced in Yasir’s thoughts. Three mates arrived on the home of Shepherd Salem, and subsequent to the home was a small barn by which Salem was discovered murdered. The home was much like all the homes within the village, however the terrifying form was a barn, its shade is darkish black and the door is white. Tariq mentioned: What do you suppose we go to the barn to see what’s in it? Yasser replied: “Do you not do not forget that Salem was discovered useless?” Tariq mentioned, “That is why I need to enter the barn for him, what do you suppose, Hassan?” Hassan mentioned, “Okay, let’s go to the barn.”

Regardless of Yasser’s makes an attempt to stop his two mates from getting into the barn, they had been very pressing. Tariq and Hassan entered the barn, however ran out after just a few seconds. Hassan and Tariq stood in entrance of the barn, then Tariq returned to the barn. inside. As for Hassan, he went to Yasser, he was shocked. From what he noticed, Yasir requested Hassan, what was there and the place was Tariq? Hassan mentioned: Tariq is loopy. As quickly as we entered the barn, we stopped respiration and there was a really disagreeable odor. Yasser mentioned: After all, the odor can be like that, so bear in mind that there have been cattle on this barn and it’s now deserted.

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The shock was when Hassan informed Yasser that the odor was not the odor of cattle, however the odor of blood. Yasir feared the assertion and commenced to ask: How can such a abandoned place really feel the blood a few years in the past? Yasser determined to enter the barn to convey his pal Tariq. Yasser entered the barn and noticed Tariq holding one thing in his hand and checking it. Yasir mentioned: You idiot, how are you going to enter this barn alone, and there’s the odor of blood in all places? Tariq mentioned: There’s a unusual factor in that barn, Yasser.

Yasser mentioned what was there: Tariq mentioned first, once I entered, I felt the climate was chilly, however we’re in the summertime. One other factor is that I noticed a police badge mendacity on the bottom, this badge that the officers put there on their shoulders. Yasser requested Tariq to return, particularly as night time approached. Yasser and Tariq got here out of the barn and located Hassan leaving the shepherd’s home of Salem, and he was astonished and mentioned: Pals, I’ve discovered the issues of the kid, the shepherd’s son Salem, and they’re as they’re. In your fingers, let’s go.

All of them returned to the automobile and left the village behind. Everybody was confused and amazed by what they noticed, although it was nothing scary, however the query that stored them busy was how this stuff for Shepherd Salem and his son remained as they had been. years, Then all of them bought to their houses. Tariq felt sleepy, so he went to his room and fell right into a deep sleep. Throughout his sleep, he felt as if somebody was whispering in his ears in a weak voice: Tariq, Tariq, come on, get up. Tariq awoke feeling sleepy. He was shocked when he opened his eyes.

Salem Shepherd’s home

Tariq discovered himself in a spot acquainted to him. Sure, Tariq discovered himself within the barn he had left just a few hours in the past. He was sporting a black gown that was not his personal. Tariq turned proper and left and located a woman in a black gown and a big black coat wrapped round his head within the nook of the barn. This woman held a knife in her hand and mentioned in a daunting and scary voice, “Come on, Tariq, it is time for sacrifice.” Tariq replied, trembling with concern: Who’re you? how did you get right here what are you going to do with me The woman laughed and mentioned, “Look behind you, Tariq.” Tariq turned behind him and located his pal Hassan.

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Hassan was handcuffed by his legs and arms and unconscious, the woman approached Tariq, handed him the knife, and mentioned, “Come on, do what’s required of you, and I promise your pal is not going to really feel something.” As if it had been a part of Hassan’s hand, the woman mentioned to Tariq: Do not strive it, poor factor, you’ll be able to’t do something and shouted at him: In the event you do not do what I am telling you. , your future can be just like the destiny of Shepherd Salem and that officer.

Instantly Tariq awoke from his sleep to the sound of the alarm clock, Tariq started to repeat: Thank God it was only a nightmare and he left. Shaded and questioning what to do, Tariq determined to name Hassan. Hassan replied: It is good that you just referred to as Tariq. I wished to speak to you. Tariq mentioned: What is the matter with you, Hassan, are you okay? Hassan replied: Please come to me now, I am ready for you.

Tariq went to see Hassan, and Tariq was shocked by Hassan’s gaze, as a result of it was clear to him that Hassan hadn’t slept since yesterday. Tariq mentioned, “Come on, inform me what you need, Hassan. What occurred to you?” Hassan mentioned, “Ever since we arrived from that rattling journey, I’ve heard the sound of a child screaming in the home.” Tariq mentioned: “Possibly it is the voice of a kid of one of many neighbors and he is sick, for instance. Right here from my home !!!

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Hassan mentioned: O Tariq, has something suspicious occurred to you? Tariq hesitated, terror in his eyes: Sure, Hassan. I noticed a dream and it was not an strange dream, however slightly a nightmare in its truest type. Hassan mentioned: What was it, inform me, Tariq mentioned: I noticed you You might be chained to that barn and there’s a woman who desires me to kill you, however I refused to do it. Hassan interrupted Tariq’s phrases and mentioned: Thank God it was only a dream. Tariq mentioned: It was no strange dream, Hassan. I used to be sporting a black gown that was not my garments within the dream. Hassan was sporting the identical garments and was in nice shock, and horror crept into each hearts.

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