June 27, 2022

Tales of the Prophets is a ebook written by the author Ahmed Bahjat, and this ebook comprises tales of the prophets of Almighty God despatched by Almighty God to guide individuals and make them worship solely God who has no associate and to keep away from idolatry, and right now we current you the story concerning the Messenger of God Saleh, as, along with his individuals.Thamude we hope you’ll profit from this story and we hope you’ll prefer it.

A book of stories about the prophets
The E-book of God’s Messenger written by Ahmed Bahgat

The story of the Prophet Saleh, as

Almighty God despatched his Messenger Saleh to the individuals of Thamud to make them flip away from the worship of idols and idols, as Salih stated to his individuals: (O individuals, worship God, you don’t have any deity however Him), however Salih’s name was rejected and even and convicted. He invitations his individuals to worship gods aside from their very own: (O Saleh, you hoped for us earlier than this. Loopy, that he’s a liar, and that he wants a miracle that can make them consider in all that Saleh claims. At the moment, Saleh was stated: (O my individuals, this camel of God is an indication for you.

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This verse is a miracle, as a result of the camel didn’t come naturally, however separated the stone from the mountain and the camel got here out, and Saleh’s camel has many traits. This camel within the Noble Qur’an: (the camel of God), and Saleh ordered his individuals to not strategy the camel and to not hurt it in any manner in order that the painful torment wouldn’t contact them. Thamud was afraid that Salih’s message would unfold, so that they determined to kill the camel, after which God’s Messenger Salih, peace be upon him, killed himself.

The shadow of the camel
Salih’s camel, peace be upon him

After a lot deliberation, the individuals of Thamud determined to assign the duty of killing the camel of Saleh and Saleh, as, to one in every of Samud’s tyrants, an individual identified for his love of drink and wine and distress. On one of many darkish nights, 9 males went out to sleep a camel in peace, attempting to kill her, in violation of what was ordered by the Prophet Salih, as. The chief of this group was too drunk to see in entrance of him: She obtained up scared, however couldn’t escape, so that they stabbed her till blood was shed and the camel died, and right here is the Prophet Salih, as, stated to his individuals in anger: No forbade you to hurt a camel? His individuals answered him, “In case you are really one of many messengers, deliver us a painful punishment.

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Salih, as, stated: (Take pleasure in your property for 3 days, it’s a promise that isn’t false), after which the Prophet Salih, as, went and left his individuals, ready for probably the most. heavy torment.A powerful cry that rained down on the mountains, and all perished, and the earth started to tremble, and each residing factor disappeared above it. Persistence * and inform them that the water is split amongst them, each drink is dying * So that they known as their good friend, and he was abused, and he turned impotent * So what’s my torment and vow * We despatched them one cry, they usually had been as anticipated fireplace).

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