June 29, 2022

Our story as we speak is a few prophet who is taken into account one of many first messengers on earth, and he’s God’s messenger Idris, as God described Idris, as, within the Exalted Proverb: Of the sons of Adam after God’s Messenger Sheet, peace be upon him, and Prophet Idris is taken into account to be the primary to jot down with a pen as narrated by Ibn Ishaq, and now we go away you the small print of the story of God’s Prophet Idris, as to him, so we hope you’ll profit from this story and hope you prefer it.

The story of Prophet Idris, as

As for the lineage of our Lord Idris, peace be upon him, within the Torah is (Enoch) bin Yared bin Mahlael bin Qainan bin Anoush bin Sheet bin Adam. Khanukh), and this identify is pronounced in Arabic (Enoch), and he is without doubt one of the ancestors of Noah, as, and Ibn al-Jawzi talked about the family tree of our Lord Idris, as, in its entirety, the place he mentioned his identify is: Idris , peace be upon him, and his identify is Khanukh bin Yard bin Mahlael bin Qainan bin Anoush, son of Sheth, son of Adam.

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This was not the one opinion concerning the family tree of our grasp Idris. Al-Zubayr bin Bakkar mentioned of the lineage of Idris, as, that he’s Idris bin Al Yared bin Mahaleel bin Qainan bin Al-Taher bin Heba. he was known as Idris as a result of he’s thought of to be the primary to check the written revelation, and the Qur’a longtime it. , spoke of the encounter with Idris within the fourth heaven throughout the journey of Isra and Mi’raj.

There’s a query that many all the time consider, and that’s, is the prophet Idris Elijah? The truth is, many students see that Elias Idris, and each are the names of 1 Prophet, and among the many sayings of Ibn Kathir within the tales of the Prophets is his saying: (Al-Bukhaari mentioned and mentions the authority of Ibn Masood and Ibn Abbas that Elias Idris, and have been happy with what was talked about within the hadith of Al-Zuhri concerning the authority of Enes within the night time journey. When he handed by Idris, he mentioned to him, “Welcome to the righteous brother and the righteous prophet.” Ishaq.

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Additionally, Abdullah bin Masoud mentioned: (Peace be upon Il-Yassin) and he would say: (Peace be upon Idrasin), and he mentioned that it was Elias Idris, so he mentioned: (And Idris was one of many Prophets: As-Salam Al- Alamin after that) And as opinions emerged that Idris and Elias have been the identical prophet, Ibn Kethir prompt that Idris was not Elijah, as a result of Ibn Kether mentioned: It’s appropriate that he modified this as talked about above, however in the long run we discover that the majority the scholar accepts that Elias is Idris, and they’re each one prophet.

There was a distinction between students concerning the birthplace of God’s messenger Idris. There are those that consider that he was born within the land of Babylon in Iraq, however most students consider that he was born in Egypt, and Idris, with him, related to the divine religion by taking the data revealed to Sheta ibn Adam. this science by way of examine and software that his identify was Idris, and Idris, as, remained so till God gave him the prophecy, and there are students who consider that Idris, as, was born in Palestine.He understood from Adam’s life 308 years , as a result of the lifetime of Adem, as, was a protracted life, reaching a thousand years.

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Idris, as, started to name on his folks to worship solely God Almighty, who has no companion, particularly after he befell them after Adam and a collection of disputes and injustices over not following the decision of Almighty God, however as within the case of most nations, just a few folks believed it. The matter didn’t cease at this place, however there have been those that started to combat towards him and those that believed with him. It’s recognized that the Prophet Idris, peace be upon him, was sensible. Among the many instructions he uttered was his saying: (The very best on this world is sorrow, and its evil is remorse), in addition to his saying: “Completely satisfied is he who seems at himself and his intercession along with his Lord is his good works), besides but: (endurance with religion results in victory).

God’s Prophet Idris was compelled to go together with him and those that believed in Egypt with him.Idris, as, stopped on the river Nile and commenced to reward and glorify God.He didn’t cease calling folks to good morals and obedience to the Almighty. It’s talked about that Idris, as, lived on Earth for 800 years. , after which Almighty God ascended him to the fourth heaven because the Exalted says: (And point out within the Guide of Idris that he was a good friend of the Prophet, and we exalted him to a spot of greatness with Ali. Potential approach that he, as, inspired folks to asceticism as a result of in the long run this world is mortal, as he commanded them to worship, quick and provides zakat, there was additionally peace with him inviting them to purity from impurity.

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God’s Prophet Idris, as, is talked about in a couple of place within the Holy Qur’an as one of many Prophets despatched by Almighty God to name to worship solely God and who has no companion. The verses wherein our Lord Idris, as, is talked about within the Exalted Proverb: (Each Ismail and Idris, and Al-Kifl, every of the affected person), in addition to within the sentence of the Exalted: (And talked about within the Guide of Books).

The story of Prophet Idris, as

Students disagree concerning the loss of life of God’s Messenger Idris, as, due to what’s talked about within the Holy Qur’an within the phrases of Almighty God: And there are students who consider that Idris was exalted to the fourth heaven, however he didn’t die there, and due to this fact there’s a distinction among the many students, however all agreed that God’s messenger Idris, as, was raised to heaven.

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Students have differing opinions on the elimination of the soul of our Lord Idris, as, as a result of God commanded the angel of loss of life to seize the soul of our Lord Idris, as, within the fourth heaven. , as talked about within the Holy Qur’an in his saying: (And peace be upon me on the day I used to be born, the day I’ll die, and the day I’ll rise alive).

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