For us Muslims who’re united by God, it is very important concentrate on all of the tales of the Prophet and the Prophet who constructed the Holy Kaaba and subsequently we’re happy to current you right this moment, by means of the true tales web site, a brief story about our Lord Ibrahim, as, and the way he was ordered by the Exalted God to construct the Kaaba, so we hope this story will impress you.

The story of our grasp Ibrahim, as, is brief

The daddy of the Prophet Ibrahim, as, (Azar) was the creator of idols, and though the Prophet Ibrahim, as, usually referred to as on his father to desert worship and make these stones that don’t profit or hurt, however his father opposed him, and even ordered him to remain away and go away. After Abraham, as, grew bored with his father, he started to name his individuals to worship solely God, who has no associate Abraham’s individuals worshiped idols in addition to the planets.

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The Almighty stated: (When he stated to his father and his individuals, “What are these statues to which you might be devoted?” Regardless of the makes an attempt of the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, to make his individuals consider of their believers, he stated that they’re within the Holy Qur’an these had been the believers.Exalted: (By God, I’ll absolutely verify your idols after you flip round and succeed), and right here the Messenger of God Ibrahim, as broke all idols and just one remained, and this idol was the best of idols.

When the individuals discovered about it, they introduced the Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, to ask him what had occurred to their idols. Prophet Ibrahim stated, “That is the chief of them who broke the statues. Then he, as, continued his speech. How can these idols not even defend themselves? The individuals gathered at the moment and determined to punish the Prophet Abraham, as, he was burned alive, and right here Abraham, as, referred to as his Lord, saying: (O God, you’re the one in heaven, and I’m the one on earth, there isn’t any one on earth who worships you besides me, God and He are sufficient for me is one of the best agent).

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Among the many unbelieving kings to whom the Prophet Ibrahim, as, went was a king named Nimrod, Nimrud requested Abraham, as, saying: Who’s your Lord? The reply of the Prophet Ibrahim, as, was as acknowledged within the noble verse: (My Lord is the One Who provides life and causes loss of life), after which the Prophet Ibrahim, as, resorted to the tactic of dialogue. , as Nimrod additionally claimed to offer life and loss of life. Then the Prophet Ibrahim moved on to a different argument, the noble verse says: (Certainly, God brings the solar from the east, so carry it from the west, and the unbeliever is amazed, and God doesn’t lead the unjust).

Right here Nimrod was not in a position to reply our grasp Ibrahim, however he continued his stubbornness and his disbelief in Almighty God. Then the Prophet Ibrahim, as, moved together with his spouse Sarah to the Levant after which to Egypt. The King of Egypt vastly admired Sarah and he requested to return to the palace, however as a result of Sarah had referred to as on God Almighty. He was stingy to save lots of her from this unjust ruler. This king, each time he tried to strategy her, felt nice ache. Behold, this king returned Sarah to Abraham, peace be upon him, and despatched Hagar with him.

The story of our grasp Ibrahim, as, is brief

Prophet Ibrahim, as, married Mrs. Hagar and acquired from her Prophet Ismail, as. It’s nonetheless a valley the place there isn’t any life. God introduced the water of Zemzem out of the earth, and Hajar lived on this place till Ismail, as, grew up.

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The Messenger of God Ibrahim, as, consistently visited Hagar to verify how she and his son Ismail. On the third go to, Prophet Abraham, as, instructed his son Ismail, as, that God had commanded him to construct a home and that it was the obligation of Prophet Ismail, as, to assist his father. Abraham took each Ismail, as, constructed the Home (Kaba, balcony), and so they repeat: (Our Lord, obtain from us, for you hear all and know all).

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