June 27, 2022

Laughter is without doubt one of the most necessary issues in our lives, because it will increase the degrees of happiness hormones within the human physique, and these hormones in flip cut back the sensation of ache and stress.

Laughter is without doubt one of the secrets and techniques of happiness that an individual can get from us in his day, and laughter itself is a contagious feeling, anybody can catch it as quickly as they see it, that is why there are various people who find themselves completely satisfied and change laughter just because they see one other particular person laughing regardless that it appears unusual to them.

Snicker, girls and gents, and go away issues to their rightful proprietor, our ache might be of no use to us.

Juha and the misplaced ass

The story of Juha and his donkey
Crying and concern of reproach and guilt, and lack of sanity because of neglect.

Within the previous days, the residents of the village inhabited by Juha used to take turns going to the neighboring village, which is a couple of kilometers from their village, and the one most important cause that the villagers took turns going to the second village was to grind wheat grains.

Each week, one in every of them would take turns, and one week it was Juha’s personal flip, and the townspeople would accumulate grains of wheat from all of them, and put them of their luggage manufactured from robust woolen threads, after which carry them in 9 donkeys…

One of many villagers: “Oh Juha, we now have put grains of wheat on the backs of 9 donkeys. Take excellent care of your self and maintain them and do not lose something from them.”

Joha is assured and happy with himself: “Don’t be concerned all of you, I will not take time for this simple and uncomplicated process, and I am going to come again to you as quickly because it’s completed with effective white flour so we are able to make pancakes and bread and the whole lot. which is scrumptious.”

And the townspeople invited him, and Juha set out on his completely satisfied journey, and whereas he was on his approach, he needed to ensure of the variety of donkeys to ease his coronary heart and take the recommendation they gave him, and whereas he was getting ready them, Juha discovered eight!

His chest tightened from the severity of his disappointment, and he went again once more to depend them and ensure of them, however he additionally discovered eight, so what ought to he do?!

He received off the donkey he was using, sat unhappy and distracted, and mentioned to himself: “What am I going to inform the townspeople then? Shall I inform them that I’ve misplaced one of many 9? donkeys, and that I used to be incompetent for the duty entrusted to me?!, I’ll put together it for the final time and who then accomplished my path, and God helps me along with his will and his nice grace. ”

And when he counted them, he discovered 9!

He mentioned to himself: “What’s enjoying with me and manipulating my emotions in such a vulgar approach?!”

He received on the donkey and accomplished his journey, he grew to become obsessed once more, so he counted the donkeys once more, and if he discovered eight!

He virtually misplaced his thoughts and went loopy, the place did the ninth donkey go once more?!

He would depend them a second time to make sure, and if there have been eight once more, he would get off his donkey and sit below the tree lamenting his destiny, and if an previous man got here as much as him and requested about his situation and why he was so unhappy that Juha informed him the entire story.

The previous sheikh proceeds to depend the donkeys, and if there are 9, he finds them!

Juha informed him, “There should be somebody who plans this prank for me each time. I hope to seek out him to show him a tough lesson about what he’s doing to me by burning my nerves and blood.”

The previous sheikh calmed him down, so Juha received on his donkey and set out on his journey once more in order that he might return earlier than darkish. He needed to ensure of the variety of donkeys, and if he counted them, he would discover eight!

This time he could not management his mood each time, so he yelled in such a loud voice that it made the previous sheikh panic, so he got here working, “What’s unsuitable with you, Juha?! And what’s with you?” I go?!”

Juha mentioned, “Did not you depend them some time in the past and discover 9?! I need a proof from you about what’s been taking place to me since morning. I am virtually loopy with the horror of the issues I see. I need a proof from you for what’s been taking place to me since morning. I counted them now and located eight. The place did the ninth donkey go then?

So the previous sheikh received up behind them, and if he discovered 9 of them, his chuckle would escape in a approach that made Joha indignant with him.

The previous man mentioned: Oh Juha, while you depend them as you go, you neglect to depend the donkey you experience, so you discover them eight; And while you get off and go after them, one can find 9 of them, so you already know the rationale.

Juha put her hand to her head and could not assist however chuckle at her.

After finishing his mission, he would return to the village, and if one in every of his males requested him: “How was your journey, Juha? And did you’ve issues with him?”

Juha responded by saying, “There aren’t any extra issues in all of life than human calamities, that are as a result of concealment of the reality of the thoughts by the veil of negligence. I virtually misplaced a donkey with what it was carrying below its head.” . !”

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