June 27, 2022

Juha is a fictional and comical character in Arabic literature, well-known for his anecdotes and anecdotes, which everyone seems to be blissful to listen to.

Juha was identified for his interior intelligence, though he appeared silly to others, he solved all his issues with intelligence and crafty, regardless that he asserted his stupidity in entrance of individuals, and with each troublesome state of affairs he confronted, he surpassed it. in the perfect methods of him.

The story of Juha and the decide

Juha and the judge
Have you ever heard in regards to the story of Juha and the crafty decide?

Sooner or later, Juha went to the market as regular, he cherished to see, look and study all the brand new merchandise, he was identified all through the market and was hated by many market merchants for his demand and frequent questions. about issues, and ultimately he purchased nothing and did nothing with them besides waste his time and his weight.

As a result of hatred and disgust of all of the retailers in the direction of him, one in all them dared and wished to show Joha a tough lesson that he may always remember.

The service provider not solely wished to show him a lesson, however wished to make him a laughing inventory in entrance of everybody available in the market. He advised the remainder of the retailers that he would slap Juha laborious throughout the face and politely pressure Juha. that he doesn’t take revenge on him, that he doesn’t sue him and that he forgives him as soon as and for all. You wager with the market merchants on his means to do all of that, and so they all supported him in doing it.

Certain sufficient, Juha walked previous the shopkeeper, who promised to show him a lesson, the person waited till Juha reached down to select one thing up and ask the shopkeeper about it, and if he comes at him from behind and hits him laborious. within the face, Juha misplaced his steadiness and nearly hit the bottom if it wasn’t for him to revive it within the blink of an eye fixed. He was in a position to regain his unbalanced steadiness and was in a position to keep away from falling to the bottom. .

Juha stood up and seemed on the man who slapped him, and he wished to slap him again, take revenge on him, and take revenge himself. However the service provider confirmed softness in phrases and apologized to him greater than remorse and regret, and justified his motion by considering that he himself was a person who had stolen items from him way back, and that he had been flawed about that, as they’re related. in garments to the extent that Juha’s turban, which is placed on his head, is just like the thief’s turban. The service provider forgave and allowed Juha for his motion, however Juha refused to forgive him, as he didn’t settle for. his foolish excuse that he offered to her.

Juha pounced on the person and wished to take revenge, however the remainder of the retailers prevented him from doing so by the decide.

They advised him that he may select somebody to evaluate between them, so Juha selected a service provider of nice significance amongst them, nevertheless it was Juha’s misfortune that this service provider hated him very a lot and could not stand him in any respect!

The service provider Juha had chosen to evaluate between him and the person who slapped him: “Why did you slap Juha for no cause, man?!”

The person: “I suspected it from somebody who had stolen from me earlier than, since he was sporting garments just like the thief’s, and he was just like me.”

Service provider: “And also you requested him to forgive and forgive?”

Man: “Sure, I did.”

Service provider: “Do you settle for his apology, Juha?”

Juha: “No, I definitely would not settle for it, in any other case I would not have judged you between us, and now I would like you to return the credit score to me and in everybody’s eyes, like he did.”

Service provider: “Do you each agree that I’m an arbitrator between you?”

They answered within the affirmative, and that is confirmed by all those that had been available in the market.

The service provider mentioned: “Whether it is clever to pay you, O man, Juha, twenty dinars as punishment for slapping him with out trigger and with out proper.”

The person: “I haven’t got twenty dinars now, so what ought to I do?”

The shopkeeper winked on the man: “We’ve got no downside, go discover her, and Juha can be ready for you right here.”

Juha was suspicious of the service provider who dominated him, however he could not management himself to not rush to judgment, and he waited and continues to be ready till a very long time has handed.

Abruptly she stood up and walked in the direction of the ruling service provider amongst them, she raised her hand and slapped him so laborious that her aunt fell to the bottom, everybody was surprised by what she did and her response.

Juha mentioned to the service provider, “Rise up out of your place and discover the person, and take twenty dinars from him, as a result of now it’s authorized for you.”

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