June 29, 2022

Our date at present is with a brand new story from the story of the prophets, which tells of a prophet who is taken into account one of many first prophets on earth, and he’s the prophet Idris, peace be upon him. The primary prophet who wrote with a pen, and it’s talked about, as, within the Holy Qur’an, the Exalted God stated: (And point out within the E book of Idris that he was a pal of the Prophet, and we raised him to a spot of admiration, so allow us to let you know a narrative about Idris.

The story of Prophet Idris, as, is brief

There are lots of rumors concerning the lineage of our Lord Idris, as, however the closest rumor is the one associated to Ibn al-Jawzi, the place he talked about the lineage of our Lord Idris as Idris, and the identify was initially Khanun bin Yared bin Mahlael bin Qainan bin Anoush bin Sheet bin Adam, and it must be famous the Identify of the Prophet Idris, peace be upon him, in keeping with the Hebrews is (Khenun), and this identify is pronounced in Arabic (Enoch), and he was one of many ancestors of God’s Messenger Noah, as

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Prophet Idris is named by this identify as a result of he’s thought-about to be one of many first to review the written revelation, and as we’ve got talked about, the Prophet Idris is talked about within the Holy Qur’an in Surah Maryam. We additionally perceive that our noble Prophet Muhammad, might Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, spoke of his encounter with Prophet Idris, as, within the fourth heaven, and this occurred in the course of the travels of Isra and Mi’raj.

Among the many problems with disagreement amongst students is that the prophet Idris is the prophet Elijah. Al-Dahhak bin Muzahim, Qatada bin Daamah and Muhammad bin Ishaq all took the view that the Prophet was Idris Elijah, and Ibn Kathir stated: (Bukhari stated and mentions the authority of Ibn Masood and Ibn Abbas that Elias Idris, they usually they consoled themselves with what comes within the hadith of Al-Zuhri concerning the authority of Anas within the Night time Journey that when he handed by Idris, he stated to him, “Welcome to the righteous brother and the righteous Prophet.” He didn’t say as Adam and Ibrahim stated : “Welcome to the righteous Prophet and the righteous son.” They stated: “If it was in his lineage, I’d inform him as they stated about him).

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Like the opposite Prophets, Prophet Idris, as, known as on his folks to worship God alone and not using a companion, and reminded them of what had occurred to the folks earlier than them, just like the folks of Adam, peace be upon him, bother, injustice and different penalties that have been a reward for his or her unbelief and vanity, however this reminder didn’t work, only some folks believed within the Prophet Idris, as is legitimate).

The story of the Prophet Idris, as

After Idris’s males mistreated him and people who adopted him from his folks, he determined to go along with them and go to Egypt. Right here the Prophet Idris, as, stopped on the river Nile and commenced to reward and glorify God. Prophet Idris, as, lived on Earth for 800 years, after which the Exalted God raised him to the heavens, extra exactly to the fourth heaven, and that is talked about within the Holy Qur’an within the sentence of the Almighty:

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Students disagreed concerning the demise of our grasp Idris, as Though they agreed that Prophet Idris, as, ascended to the fourth heaven, as we talked about, the distinction was whether or not his soul, peace be upon him, was captured within the fourth heaven or not. Some students consider that Almighty God despatched the angel of demise and despatched him to the fourth heaven, after which the angel of demise took the soul of our grasp Idris, peace be upon him.

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