God has despatched messengers and prophets to numerous nations to convey God’s message to them, and each prophet of God has a miracle, that miracle by which God proves his skill, and it is rather vital for all of us as believers to consider the miracles of varied messengers, and at the moment by means of our web site are true tales We current to you a brief story about our grasp Salih, as, and we hope you want this story.

The story of our grasp Salih, as, is brief

God despatched His Messenger Saleh, peace be upon him, to the folks of Thamud, and the Thamud tribe is a tribe that lives within the space between Hijaz and Tabuk. The Thamud kept away from following the religion of God and continued their stubbornness and vanity.

The Almighty stated: (Thamud lied to the Prophets when their brother Salih stated to them, “Do you not concern God?” The Prophet Salih, peace be upon him) reminded his folks of the folks of Hell and the way their finish is, as he reminded them , peace be upon him, that God blessed them and made them caliphs after the folks of Hades, stated Almighty God And Almighty: (And bear in mind when he made you caliphs after Hades and settled you within the land, taking from his plains palaces and drawing mountains as homes), however despite all these makes an attempt, the folks of Thamud didn’t hearken to their Prophet.

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The matter didn’t come to the refusal to observe solely the religion of God, however they accused Saleh, as, of being a sorcerer and a madman. The Almighty stated within the Holy Qur’an: (They stated: “You might be solely one of many enchanted.” Who Salih, as, is a miracle to show the reality of what he says, right here the Prophet Salih requested them in regards to the miracles they wished, and their reply was that they wished the camels to return out of the nice rock that lay beside them.

The Prophet Salih, could Allah bless him and grant him peace, known as his Lord, so God answered him and pulled out of that rock the camel that the folks of Thamud wished to see, stated the Almighty: They continued of their disbelief, and only some of Samud’s males believed in Saleh’s, as, message. One night time the Thamud gathered to speak about this camel and everybody agreed to kill her.

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Certainly, 9 folks gathered and killed the camel, and after the information reached Salih, as, he warned them that they might face a painful punishment after three days. The Almighty stated: and all died, earlier than the folks of Thamud all perished as a reward for violating the orders of their Prophet Saleh, as

The story of our grasp Salih, as, is brief

On the primary day, the faces of Thamud’s folks have been yellow. The subsequent day the faces have been pink. On the third day, their faces turned black. With the rising solar the following day, the folks of Thamud have been ready for the punishment promised to them by their Prophet Saleh, peace be upon him. and in violation of the command of their Prophet, peace be upon him, the Almighty stated in his holy e-book: ), and the Almighty additionally stated, “They have been struck by lightning as they watched.

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