June 29, 2022

Many people have by no means heard of a Prophet named Sheet, however in truth, Prophet Sheet, peace be upon him, is taken into account one of many first Prophets, since he’s the son of the Prophet’s father Adem, as Name on Him, we hope you’ll this story like.

The story of the Prophet Seth, as, is brief

Adem, as, handed on his information and information to his son Sheet.This was the explanation Kane was prompted to kill Abel, as we talked about in earlier tales, and right here Sheet continued to finish what his father, Prophet Adam, peace be upon him, she started.

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It’s talked about that the Prophet, as, was the one who buried his mom Eve after her demise, as a result of Eve died a couple of 12 months after the demise of Adam, as. Could God be happy with him on the authority of the Messenger of God, could Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, that he stated: (Fifty pages have been printed in Seth), the place the Prophet took Sheet, peace be upon him, working to make clear the distinction between the best and fallacious and between what’s allowed and what’s forbidden.

Rebellions started to unfold between the individuals of Sheta and Cain, so the individuals of Sheta lived within the mountains, whereas the individuals of Cain lived within the plains, and one night time a person from the individuals of Sheta crept in and went to see the lives of the individuals of Cain, and was enchanted by the fantastic thing about ladies. within the plain, so this man returned to his individuals and advised them that he had seen the fantastic thing about ladies within the plain, after which a gaggle of males went to Cain’s males to speak concerning the first adultery incident in human historical past, and so they violated the orders of their Prophet Chet, as

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The matter didn’t cease at this level, however the individuals of Chet started to go away the mountains and go to stay with Cain’s individuals, which led to the unfold of immorality and immorality among the many individuals, and the individuals of Shet turned much less and fewer, and there are those that see that the Prophet’s letter, as, just isn’t one of many Prophets, however there’s a hadith concerning the authority of the Messenger of God, could Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him. him, which proves that Sheet was the Prophet, the place the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, stated: (4 Syrians: Adam, Seth and Enoch, who’s Idris), however in truth the identify of the Prophet, peace be upon him, was by no means talked about in The Holy Qur’an.

The story of God’s Messenger, Chet, peace be upon him

It ought to be famous that there’s a sect in Iraq referred to as the Sabian sect. This sect swears by the Prophet’s letter, as They see that the Prophet’s letter, as, is the principle supply of their religion. This sect is talked about within the Holy Qur’an in multiple place. (Certainly, those that consider, and those that are Jews, Christians, and Sabians, who consider in God and the Day of Judgment and do righteousness, will likely be rewarded by their Lord, and won’t concern or mourn.) And there’s a group of unusual customs which adhere to the followers of this religion.

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For instance, this sect takes the banks of rivers as locations of worship, as they baptize their youngsters like Christians. This sect can be thought-about one of many united sects, as they are saying: (There is no such thing as a god however God), and their e-book just isn’t the Holy Qur’an, however the e-book which is known as “The Best Treasure.” As for prayers, the variety of prayers they’ve is 3, and the time for this prayer is earlier than dawn, earlier than midday after which earlier than sundown, and as for the small print of their prayers, it’s fully much like Muslim prayer, solely devoid of prostration.

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