June 28, 2022

Each story of the prophets has a lesson we are able to profit from, simply as each prophet has a miracle that makes us perceive the size of the greatness of Almighty God, and that no matter occurs, the phrase of God is finally the supreme phrase. , and thru the occasions of this story we’ll be taught concerning the particulars of Hood’s name, peace be upon him, his individuals intimately, and the way the individuals of Hades reacted to the Prophet Hood. , peace be upon him We hope you discover this story good and we hope you prefer it.

The story of God’s Messenger Hood, as

The individuals of the Prophet Hud, as, have been the primary individuals to worship idols after the destruction of Noah’s individuals, asNuh’s individuals, as everyone knows, once they continued their stubbornness and vanity, Almighty God punished them by flood, and that is why the story of Hodu comes instantly after the story of Noah within the Sur Noble Qur’an, and as we talked about in our introduction, the individuals of Hood, peace be upon you, are the individuals of Hades, and the individuals of Hades have been identified to be strong-willed and tyrants.

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Hood’s mission was clear, as have been different prophets and prophets, and it’s a assertion of the best path for the individuals of Hades, and that the trail they stroll is a path whose finish is torment, each on this world and the subsequent. was Hud, as, and so they continued to disclaim and denounce, stated the Almighty in his Noble E-book: (The chiefs of his individuals who didn’t imagine stated: Certainly, we see you in insanity and we might not be punished by God.

Earlier than we point out the top of a nation, we should first point out the lineage of the Messenger of God, Huda, peace be upon him, for he’s Hud bin Shalah bin Ar Fakhshadh bin Sam bin Noah. As for the individuals of Aad, a. The tribe lived in an space referred to as Al-Ahqaf. This space is positioned between Oman and town of Hadhramaut in Yemen. It must be famous that the Messenger of God Hud, as, was one of many 5 Arab Prophets: (Saleh – Hud) – Shuaib – Ismail – Muhammad) might blessings and peace be upon all of them.

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As everyone knows that every of the Messengers of Almighty God has a sure miracle, and we come to the miracle of the Prophet Hood, peace be upon him, who was the wind. The Messenger of God Hood, as, reminded his individuals of what had occurred to the individuals of Noah earlier than them, maybe they might chunk and chorus from worshiping idols, and resort to worshiping God himself with out a accomplice, for that is salvation from salvation and torment, as on this so within the hereafter, and despite the truth that the Exalted God despatched winds and they’d tear down the statues and break their necks, however the individuals returned. They have been fixing it once more.

The response of the individuals of Hades has at all times been to observe the religion of their fathers and grandfathers. however to no avail.Hood, the matter didn’t cease at this place.However they accused Hoda, as, of coming to guard them from the worship of their gods, who have been initially nothing however stones, neither helpful nor dangerous. The Exalted stated in his Noble E-book: of the true).

The story of God’s Messenger Hood, as

The inhabitants of Hades challenged God’s Messenger Hud, as, and belittled him, however regardless of this, God’s Messenger Hud, as, didn’t stop to name for abandoning the worship of idols and idols and transferring to the best path, the true path that’s represented within the worship of God Almighty alone with no accomplice. قال الله عز وجل : ( قالَ إِنَّمَا الْعِلْمُ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ وَأُبَلِّغُكُمْ ما أُرْسِلْتُ بِهِ وَلكِنِّي أَراكُمْ قَوْماً تَجْهَلُونَ ) ، بعدها رأى قوم عاد سحابا في السماء حينها ظنوا بان هذه السحابة تحمل الخير لهم ، قال تعالى : ( لَمَّا رَأَوْهُ عارِضاً مُسْتَقْبِلَ أَوْدِيَتِهِمْ قالُوا هذا عارِضٌ مُمْطِرُنا Relatively, it’s that for which you havetened, a wind in which there’s a painful torment).

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The that means of the phrase “Al-Arid” on this verse means cloud or cloud. God then despatched individuals in retaliation for his or her unbelief. At first they disobeyed Hood’s message, peace be upon him, and regardless of the extreme warnings carried by God’s Prophet Hood, they continued to disbelieve in God and worship these idols and idols, till God despatched them a cloud they thought was good for them, however in actuality what they thought was good for them was their destruction and destruction.Just a few who adopted the Stroll, as

قال الله تعالى في وصف الرياح التي ارسلها : ( تُدَمِّرُ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ بِأَمْرِ رَبِّها فَأَصْبَحُوا لا يُرى إِلَّا مَساكِنُهُمْ كَذلِكَ نَجْزِي الْقَوْمَ الْمُجْرِمِينَ}، وقال تعالى: {وَفِي عَادٍ إِذْ أَرْسَلْنَا عَلَيْهِمُ الرِّيحَ الْعَقِيمَ* مَا تَذَرُ مِن شَيْءٍ أَتَتْ عَلَيْهِ إِلَّا جَعَلَتْهُ كَالرَّمِيمِ ) ، فارسل God gave them a sterile wind as a reward for them. As for the Hood, peace be upon him, he was within the barn, he and people who believed from his individuals, and from this damaging wind noticed nothing however a mild breeze, that thus ending the story of the individuals of Aad who deserved this finish, it was vital from the start to observe the religion of Almighty God and observe their Prophet Hud, as, as a result of all of us be taught from this story that following the religion of Islam is salvation on this world and the subsequent.

As for Noah’s tomb, as, it’s stated that it’s positioned in Yemen, and there are those that say that his tomb is in Damascus within the Levant. In truth, there isn’t a proof to show the reality of both. of two sayings, in order that nobody is aware of precisely the place Hood’s grave is, besides the numerous tombs of the Prophets and Prophets. All through historical past, nobody is aware of the precise burial place of the Prophet besides the place the place the Prophet Muhammad, might Allah bless him and grant him peace, was buried in Medina and the tomb of God Halil Ibrahim, peace be upon him, buried in a well-known collapse Hebron, Palestine. Prophet Huda and already. of the opposite prophets, there isn’t a confirmed info.

Classes realized from the story of the Prophet Hood, as

  1. Man mustn’t ever be conceited, for vainness will result in an sad finish, as was the top of the individuals of Hades when Almighty God destroyed them by the wind.
  2. It is vitally necessary that each servant consistently remembers God’s blessings on himself as a result of blessings at all times final with thanksgiving, and whoever doesn’t thank God for blessings will lose them.
  3. Da’wah will need to have a selected technique, and that’s the technique of deception and intimidation, as a result of it’s not attainable for a da’wa to be full by counting on just one technique.
  4. Sincerity is essential in calling the Grasp of slaves, the Almighty and the Exalted, as a result of He’s the one who provides the caller the flexibility to face as much as tyrants with energy and confidence.

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