June 30, 2022

Our story immediately concerning the Prophet’s letter, many people have by no means heard of a prophet named Seth earlier than. There may be little or no info obtainable concerning the Prophet’s letter, and what’s stated about him is that his father entrusted him with the prophecy after him, and this saying is totally true. When Adam died, peace be upon him, Seth continued his journey. And the phrase Sheth means God’s reward or God’s reward, and his father Adam, peace be upon him, known as him by this identify as a result of God gave Adam Bshet after the incident of Cain’s homicide of Abel. From darkness and worship of idols and idols to mild and justice and the best path, which is to comply with the religion of Almighty God, and now we go away you with the main points of the story of the Prophet Leaf, peace be upon him We hope this story will turn out to be useful and we hope that you’ll prefer it.

The story of the Prophet Chet, as

Prophet Sheet was proper together with his dad and mom to a really giant extent, and for this the Messenger of God Adem, as, transmitted the information he knew to his son Sheet, and when Adem’s loss of life got here, peace be upon him, he entrusted to his son Sheet the order of his folks, and to finish what Adam, as, started, and that’s the name to religion of God Almighty, Adam additionally instructed his son Sheet to not inform his brother Cain the main points of this may as a result of as everyone knows Cain he was a assassin, and he killed his brother Abel out of jealousy, and subsequently Cain wouldn’t have hesitated and would have killed Sheet if he had recognized of Adam’s will, peace be upon him, Sheet.

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Prophet Sheet continued what his father Adam had begun, and a 12 months after the loss of life of our grasp Adam, Eve died, and Eve is Sheet’s mom, as a result of Sheet buried his mom in the identical manner as his father Adam, peace be upon him . , and the angels taught Sheet how the burial course of takes place, and so God made the Almighty, the Exalted, the Prophet was damaged after the loss of life of Adam, peace be upon him, and God despatched 50 leaves to Sheet. He stated: (Fifty sheets of paper have been revealed to Seth).

After that, the Prophet’s paper started to clarify to folks the distinction between what’s allowed and what’s forbidden. The Prophet’s Leaf was the primary Prophet to forbid a brother’s marriage to his sister, who got here with him in the identical womb, which means twin sister. As for the Sheet folks, they lived within the mountains, as did the folks of his brother the assassin Cain. They lived within the plains, and Shait prevented his folks from mingling with different folks, and the rationale for this was that the lads of the Shait folks, as, who lived within the mountains, have been distinguished by good faces, as a result of for the folks of Qabil, who lived within the plains, their wives have been extra stunning than the ladies of the Chet folks.

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One evening, a person from the Sheta folks managed to infiltrate and enter Cain’s folks. A person from the Sheta folks was impressed by the sight of ladies and their make-up. Then this man went again to his folks and began telling folks there how stunning ladies are from the plains. Then these males went to the plains and mingled with Cain’s folks, they usually have been fascinated. The ladies of Cain’s folks with the lads of the Sheet folks, and right here The primary adultery incident occurred within the historical past of mankind, so that they violated the orders of their Prophet, peace be upon him, which led to the unfold of immorality and immorality amongst Cain’s folks.

To this present day, the Sabean sect in Iraq continues to swear allegiance to the Prophet’s paper, peace be upon him, as a result of the Sabeans say that the Prophet’s paper, as, is the supply of their religion. And those that are Jews, Christians, and Sabeans, who consider in God and the Day of Judgment and do righteousness, can have a reward with their Lord, and there can be no concern for them, nor will they grieve).

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This sect took the banks of rivers for his or her worship, and baptized their sons, as do Christians and different water-related rituals. The best treasure), and the priesthood for them goes by way of many assessments, differ from Muslims within the variety of every day prayers, as everyone knows that the variety of prayers in Islam is 5 prayers, however for this sect the variety of prayers is 3 prayers.

The story of the Prophet Chet, as

As for the time of those three prayers, we train them earlier than dawn, earlier than midday, after which earlier than sundown, and the main points of the prayer itself are much like the Muslim prayer, besides that the prayer of this sect doesn’t include prostration. One of many issues this sect additionally believes in is that there are (360) personalities who are usually not people or angels, and that these personalities are those who rule the universe on the behest of Almighty God, and the way can we point out prayer with out mentioning qibla, so their kiss The North Pole or the North Pole, as a result of they assume the North Pole is powerful and influential on the planets.

From this we perceive that the story of God’s Prophet’s letter, as, summarizes probably the most frequent issues we face, particularly today, an important of which is the lust that God has created in us, and he considers it the engine of an awesome group of sins. creation killed his brother Abel out of affection for the girl he wished to marry.And it’s not his proper, so after that Almighty God sends Sheet to Adam and Eve to compensate them for what occurred, however after the loss of life of Adam and Eve, the inhabitants of Sheta started to lengthy for the ladies of Cain’s folks, in order that human intuition and maintaining away from sin will be managed solely by piety, for self-control is just not Completely simple.

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There are lots of who consider that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, is just not a Prophet, and there’s no convincing proof for that. Each Seth and Enoch, who’s Idris), however by way of mentioning the identify of the Prophet Sheet, peace be upon him, within the Holy Qur’an, there isn’t any verse containing the identify of the Prophet Sheet, peace be upon him, however it’s talked about solely within the hadiths The Prophet as we talked about throughout the occasions of our story.

There are those that report that the Prophet’s letter, as, was the one who washed his father Adam, as, however it’s true that when Adam’s, as, loss of life approached, he requested his sons to deliver him a number of the fruits of Paradise, so the sons went to search for these fruits till they discovered the angels on their manner Adam’s sons instructed the angels that their father wished to eat a number of the fruits of Paradise, so the angels ordered the sons of Adam, as, to return to their father, that Adam, as, took his soul.And behind him have been the angels and likewise the sons of Adam, as It’s stated that Adam, as, was buried in a cave with treasure inside a mountain known as (Abu Qubais).

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